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A vitreous aspirate has been collected in an emergency at 9 pm. Which ...

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mistry Handbook By Lawrence F. Kobilinsky, Page 4662. Comprehensive Ophthalmology By AK Khurana, 4th Edition, Pages 243, 248

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2013-11-16 10:40:52
vitreous aspirate has been collected emergency following most appropriate requisite for overnight storage sample sample should kept 4°C sample should incubated °Cc sample should refrigerated deep freezerd sample should refrigerated for initial hours and then incubated 37°CVitreous humorusually stored 0-4 degree celsiusReference:1 Forensic Chemistry Handbook Lawrence Kobilinsky Page 4662 Comprehensive Ophthalmology Khurana 4th Edition Pages 243 248
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following condition surgically corrected plication inferior lid retractors Senile ectropionb Senile entropion Cicatrical entropiond Paralytic entropionOperation involving plication inferior lid retarctors indicated severe cases senile entropion entropion recurs after performing other surgical techniques such modified wheeler operation Bick’s procedure with Reeh’s modification and Weiss operation Reference:Comprehensive Ophthalmology Khurana 4th Edition Pages 340-51.......

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following malignancy associated with invasion Vortex Vein Retinoblastomab Malignant melanoma Optic nerve gliomasd Medullo-epitheliomasMalignant melanoma choroid most common primary intraocular tumor adults usually between age group 40-70 years blacks and more common whites arise from neural crest derived pigment cells uvea solitary tumor and usually unilateral This tumor during stage extraocular extension burst through sclera limbus This extraocular spread occur through perivascular spaces vortex veins ciliary vessels Reference:Comprehensive Ophthalmology Khurana 4th Edition Pages 162-5.......

year old man came the outpatient department because had suddenly developed doub

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year old man came outpatient department because had suddenly developed double vision examination was found that his right eye rest was turned medially following most likely structures involved Lateral rectus and abducent nerve Superior rectus and trochlear nervec Medial rectus and superior division oculomotor nerved Inferior oblique and inferior division oculomotor nerveLateral rectus muscle supplied abducent nerve involved abduction eye Since right eye this patient turned medially his right lateral rectus muscle and abducent nerve likely damaged Reference:Comprehensive Ophthalmology Khurana 4th Edition Page 313.......

Chalky white optic disc fundus examination seen all, except:a. Syphilisb. Lebers

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Chalky white optic disc fundus examination seen all except:a Syphilisb Lebers hereditary optic neuropathyc Post papilledema optic neuritisd Traumatic injury optic nerveChalky white optic disc not seen traumatic injury optic nerve Reference: Practical Approach Ophthalmoscopic Retinal Diagnosis Gupta Shahana Mazumdar Saurabh Choudhry Page 682 Clinical Ophthalmology Kanski 4th Edition Pages 588-9.......

Enlarged corneal nerves may seen all the following except:a. Keratoconusb. Herpes

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Contact lens wear proven have deleterious effects corneal physiology following statements incorrect connection with contact lens wear level glucose availability corneal epithelium reduced There reduction hemidesmosome densityc There increased production C02 epitheliumd There reduction glucose utilization corneal epitheliumGlucose main nutrient for corneal metabolic activity obtained primarily from aqueous humour level glucose availability corneal epithelium unlikely impaired Reference:Contact Lens Complications Hans-Walter Roth 2003 Page .......

Extensive abrasions are found all over the body pedestrian lying the road side.

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Extensive abrasions found all over body pedestrian lying road side likely cause Primary Impact Injuryb Secondary Impact Injuryc Secondary Injury Postmortem artifactExtensive abrasions body pedestrian lying road side may result from secondary impact injury and secondary injury from striking ground Reference:1 Forensic Medicine: Clinical and Pathological Aspects Jason Payne-James Pages 533-42 Forensic Pathology: Principles and Practice David Dolinak Evan Matshes Emma Lew Pages 533-43 Forensic Medicine Guharaj 2nd Edition Page 166-84 Textbook Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Nagesh Kumar Rao 1999 Pages 207-9.......

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Stellate wound may seen following bullet entry wounds Contact wound Close shotc Distance shotd Two feet distanceStellate wounds may result from contact shots Reference:1 Physician's Perspective Medical Law Kauffman 1997 Page 1932 Lawyer's Guide Forensic Medicine Knight 2nd Edition Page 1193 Forensic Emergency Medicine Jonathan Olshaker 2nd Edition Page 564 Greenberg's Text-Atlas Emergency Medicine Michael Greenberg Page 947.......

Commonest organ injured primary blast injuries is:a. Lung Liverc. Spleend. Ski

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Commonest organ injured primary blast injuries is:a Lung Liverc Spleend SkinLung most common organ damaged air blast injury Reference:1 Disasters and Public Health Clements 2009 Pages 66-672 Essentials Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Narayan Reddy 27th Edition Pages 210-11 and 28th Edition Page 211.......

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