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In a patient, corneal scraping reveals narrow angled septate hyphae. W...

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ranged in chain, carried on elongated cells called sterigmata borne on expanded ends of conidiophores. Aspergillus fumigatus is the common cause of aspergillosis.Histoplasma is a d

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2013-11-09 18:20:32
patient corneal scraping reveals narrow angled septate hyphae following likely etiologic agent Mucorb Candidac Aspergillus HistoplasmaAspergillus ismould with narrow angled septate hyphae Asexual conidia arrangedchain carried elongated cells called sterigmata borne expanded endsconidiophores Aspergillus fumigatus iscommon causeaspergillosisHistoplasma isdimorphic fungiMucor isbroad nonseptate hyphae presenttissuesCandidacharacterized bypresencepseudohyphaeReference:EssentialsClinical Mycology Carol Kaufmann 2nd Edition Pages 248-53
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Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

following true regarding globi patient with lepromatous leprosy Consists lipid laden macrophagesb Consists activated lymphocytesc Consists macrophages filled with AFB Consists neutrophils filled with bacteriaAcid fast mycobacterium leprae bacilli may lie extracellularly and intracellularly large undifferentiated histiocytes known virchow’s lepra cells foamy cells These bacilli bounded together lipid like substances glia forming masses known Globi Because abundant bacteria lepromatous leprosy referred multibacillary Reference:Harrison’s Principles Internal Medicine 18th Edition Chapter 166.......

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

Specific marker for synovial sarcoma is:a (x;18) (9;22)c (11;14)d (14;18)Most synovial sarcomas show characteristic chromosomal translocation (x; 18) Reference:1 Robbin’s Illustrated Pathology 7th Edition Page 13232 Harrison's Principles Internal Medicine 16th Edition Page 563.......

Delayed prolonged leakage following tissue injury due to:a. Cytokine mediated vasodilat

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

Delayed prolonged leakage following tissue injury due to:a Cytokine mediated vasodilationb Histaminec Endothelial retractiond Direct effect injuring agent Delayed prolonged leakage believed caused either direct effect injurious agent cytokine mediated endothelial retraction not caused cytokine mediated vasodilatation and cytokine mediated endothelial retraction not provided options Direct effect injuring agent therefore single best answer choice Reference:1 Robbin’s Illustrated Pathology 7th Edition Pages 522 Pathology Holliman 4th Edition Page .......

Cresentic Glomerulonephritis may seen all the following, except:a. Post Streptoco

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

Cresentic Glomerulonephritis may seen all following except:a Post Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis (PSGN)b Henoch Schonlein Purpura (HSP)c Anti Basement Membrane Diseased Alport Syndrome Alports syndrome not associated with rapidly progressive Glomerulonephritis Cresentic Glomerulonephritis Reference:1 Robbin’s Illustrated Pathology 7th Edition Page 9772 Harrison's Principles Internal Medicine 17th Edition Page 1785.......

Which the following are characteristic markers for Hodgkin's Lymphoma?a. CD15 and CD30

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

following characteristic markers for Hodgkin's Lymphoma CD15 and CD30 CD15 and CD45c CD30 and CD68d CD15 and CD3The tumor cells Hodgkins Lymphoma characteristically positive for CD15 and CD30 and negative for CD45 Reference:1 Robbin’s Illustrated Pathology 7th Edition Page 6882 Harrison's Principles Internal Medicine 16th Edition Page 7655.......

Reactive oxygen intermediates are released by:a. Catalaseb. NADPH oxidase Glutathione

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

Reactive oxygen intermediates released by:a Catalaseb NADPH oxidase Glutathione peroxidased Superoxide dismutaseOxygen dependent killing largely mediated through Reactive Oxygen Intermediates (ROI) generation reactive oxygen intermediates due rapid activation oxidase NADPH oxidase Catalase Superoxide dismutase and Glutathione peroxidase radical scavenging enzymes that prevent oxygen mediated injury Reference:Robbin’s Illustrated Pathology 7th Edition Pages .......

year old male had undergone splenectomy years ago. Which the following would

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

year old male had undergone splenectomy years ago following would seen peripheral blood smear examination Spherocytesb Dohle bodiesc Howell-Jolly bodies Hypersegmented neutrophilsHowell jolly bodies most consistent peripheral blood smearfinding following splenectomy Other peripheral smear changes includes presence nucleated rbc target cells polychromatophilia and pappenheimer bodies Maximal leukocyosis occur first post operative week due increased neutrophilia One third patients shows thrombocytosis may persist for months years Reference:1 Williams Hematology 8th Edition Chapter Color Atlas and Instruction Manual Peripheral Blood Cell Morphology Barbara O'Connor Page 190.......

Which the following not true about Berger's disease?a. Hematuria may gross mic

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

following not true about Berger's disease Hematuria may gross microscopicb Absence associated proteinuria pathognomonic immunofluorescence deposits contain both and IgGd pathological changes proliferative and usually confined mesangial cells; usually focal and segmentalIgA nephropathy (Berger disease) form acute focal glomerulonephritis associated with deposition IgA and occasionally IgG glomerular mesangium this disease hematuria common presenting symptom almost all patients have proteinuria above 5g/d and immunofluorescence shows diffuse deposition mesangial IgA and Reference:1 Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2012 Chapter 222 Handbook Urology: Diagnosis and Therapy Mike Benjamin Siroky 3rd Edition Page .......

All the following diseases are associated with low level except:a. Good pasture's

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

All following diseases associated with low level except:a Good pasture's disease Systemic lupus erytheomatosusc Post streptococcal glomerulonephritisd Membrano-proliferative glomerulonephritisPost streptococcal glomerulonephritis membrano-proliferative glomerulonephritis and SLE associated with low levels Good pastures syndrome associated with normal complement level Reference:1 Oxford Textbook Medicine Warrell Volume Page 1642 Kochar's Clinical Medicine for Students Dario Torre 5th Edition Page 526.......

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