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A new test for Diabetes mellitus is performed in a group containing di...

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c and diabetic populations. The two curves overlap. This is the “border-line” group which comprises a mixture of persons with the disease and persons without the disease (i.e.

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2013-11-12 11:34:32
new test for Diabetes mellitus performed group containing diabetics and non-diabetics 120 mg/dl blood sugar taken cut-off area shaded graph below represents:Copy image from originala True Positivesb False Positivesc True Negativesd False NegativesThe figure showsbimodal distributionblood sugar levels innon-diabetic and diabetic populationstwo curves overlap This is“border-line” group comprisesmixturepersons withdisease and persons withoutdisease (iemixturefalse positives and false negatives)point whichdistributions intersectused ascut-off point betweennon-diabetics and diabetics because will generally minimisefalse positives and false negativesshaded area comprises persons with negative test results but who havedisease diabetes false negativesReference:1 Preventive and Social Medicine KPark 19th edition Page 118-121
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The following ECG tracing was obtained from years old woman presenting with dizziness

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