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NIH-funded Study Uncovers Molecular Alterations in Head And Neck Cancers

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Investigators with The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network have discovered genomic differences — with potentially important clinical implications — in head and neck cancers caused by infec.......

NIH researchers pilot predictive medicine by studying healthy people’s DNA

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Founded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), this project of international scale will enable them to examine many different types of human tissues and cells at the same time, and promises to.......

Lung cancer blood test steps closer with new biomarker discovery

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It is estimated that more than 158,000 people in the US will die from lung cancer this year, emphasizing the need for earlier detection of the disease, leading to better treatment outcomes. Now, resea.......

New strong evidence for neurological cause of schizophrenia

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A team of scientists claims to have finally started to understand what goes wrong in schizophrenia, following the discovery that disease-linked mutations disrupt genes responsible maintaining a chemic.......

Cancer drug combo shrinks tumours by almost 60%

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Two cancer drugs, when taken in concert, can shrink tumors in nearly 60% of people with advanced-stage melanoma, according to a new study. A combination of cancer drugs ipilimamab and livo.......

Indian Medical Association to lead pan-India drive on vitamin D deficiency

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In December 2016 Indian Medical Association has started two year pan India awareness campaign to promote the widespread deficiency of vitamin D. The name of campaign “Rise and Shine” which wi.......

New drug combo has potential for cancer treatment

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The researchers found that the combination of drugs can kill the cancer cells completely in a new way. It blocks the enzymes crucial to the production of fatty acids which cancer cell needs to grow.......

New vaccine can improve HIV treatment

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A vaccine has been found to boost a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patient's immune system and increase effectiveness of antiretroviral drugs in a phase II clinical trial, researchers .......

Scientists find new strategy to starve HIV to death

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Scientist has found a new strategy to fight HIV to death by blocking its sugar and nutrient pipeline. After the virus invades an activated immune cell it craves sugar and nutrient from the cell and.......

Check typhoid to control gallbladder carcinoma

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Some researchers of Institute of medical science, Banaras Hindu University (Banaras) and Netherland Cancer Institute was published in CELL HOST & Microbe journal on Thursday found that by contr.......

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This blog was instant hit amongst medical students and doctors preparing for AIPGMEE and state PG entrance exams.

Soon Online test series was started for AIPGMEE and thousands of medical students and doctors started using it. Many question from the test series started comming directly or indirectly is AIGMEE and state PG entrance exams. This furthor enhanced popularity of the website.

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