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Onco quiz | What is the mechanism of action of Temozolomide?

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Temozolomide has emerged as an agent that is active against glioblastoma  multiforme (GBM). What is the mechanism of action of this chemotherapeutic drug? A.Anthracycline B.Antim.......

Concent Vs Consent | Which is correct?

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Although both words are pronounced same but there is a lot of difference in their meaning. I see lot of new medical students using both words interchangeably. Which is wrong. Concent is a noun and .......

Course after MBBS

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Cource after MBBS Lot many cource after MBBS are provided to help medical students enhance their medical knowledge and clinical skills. While most of the medical students concentrate to prepare .......

KUSSMAUL Breathing

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KUSSMAULKussmaul breathing is a deep and labored breathing pattern often associated with severe metabolic acidosis, particularly diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) but also kidney failure. Mnemonic.......

Ransons criteria for acute pancreatitis

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Ransons criteriaRanson's criteria are useful in assessing prognosis in early acute pancreatitis. The more of the criteria are met the higher the mortality. Ranson's criteria are assessed both at admis.......

esophageal ulcers

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1-peptic ulcer 2-traumatic ulcers due to intubation 3-tuberculous ulcer 4-uraemic ulcers5-varicose ulcers 6-ulcers due to ingestion of irritants as alcohol and corrosive acid and a.......

FDA approves new miniaturized ICDs and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators

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The FDA has approved 4 new heart pacing devices, the Dynagen Mini and Inogen Mini ICDs and the Dynagen X4 and Inogen X4 cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators (CRT-Ds). The Mini ICDs are up .......

Autosomal dominant disorders - Mnemonic

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"Very Powerful DOMINANT Humans"V- Von willibrands disease/ Von hippel lindauP - Pseudo hypoparathyroidismD - Dystrophia myotonicaO - Osteogenesis imperfecta/Osler-weber-renduM - Marfans syndromeI - In.......

constricted pupils and causes of pinpoint pupils

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Miosis(constricted pupils) seen inorganophosphorous poisoningopiumPontine hemorrhagebarbituratescarbolic acidchloral hydrateAbove three cause pinpoint pupils.......

auditory pathway

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"Hungry Girls 8(ate) Nothing To SLIM Themselves":    Hair cellsspiral Ganglioncranial nerve 8cochlear NucleiTrapezoid body (decussation of ventra.......

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