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What is the major role of HLA class III region genes?a. Immune surveil...

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cal pathway. Deficiency of these early components of the classical pathway is associated with autoimmune disease like SLE and other collagen vascular diseases. These genes are thus

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2013-11-09 18:20:32
major role HLA class III region genes Immune surveillanceb Transplant rejection phenomenonc Antigen presentation and eliminationd Governing susceptibility autoimmune diseasesHLA class III contains genes for early complement components and C4classical pathway Deficiencythese early components ofclassical pathwayassociated with autoimmune disease like SLE and other collagen vascular diseases These genes thus importantregulating susceptibility autoimmune diseaseClass III genes not participateMHC restriction graft rejection componentsMany proteins coded MHC class III genes may involved indevelopmentautoimmunityReference:1 TextbookImmunology Basir Page 93-42 Essential Immunology Roilt Page 2623 TextbookMicrobiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 6th Edition Page 108
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All statement about lactoferrin true except:a has great affinity for ironb transports iron for erythropoiesis present exocrine secretions bodyd present secondary granules neutrophilsTransport iron for erythropoesis done transferin and not Lactoferin Lactoferrin closely related structure plasma iron transport protein transferrin and binds excess iron prevents growth bacterial and viral microorganism and tumors require iron for its growth Lactoferrin bioactive glycoprotein one body’s most powerful immunodefensives found breast milk body fluids such saliva tears nasal secretions intestinal fluids such bile and secondary granules neutrophils Reference:Colostrum: Nature's Gift Immune System Beth Ley-Jacobs Pages 23-4.......

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Human plasma lipoprotein containing highest percentage triacylglycerol weight is:a VLDLb Chylomicronsc HDLd LDLTriacylglycerol triglyceride ester that derived from glycerol and three fatty acids Chylomicrons lipoproteins that lowest density and largest size contains highest percentage triacylglycerol and smallest percentage protein Besides containing percent triglyceride chylomicrons contain percent cholesterol percent phospholipid and 1-2 percent protein Reference:1 Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry 3rd Edition Page 2252 Fitness and Health Brian Sharkey Steven Gaskill 2007 Page 274.......

The specialized mammalian tissue/organ which fuel oxidation serves not produce ATP

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The specialized mammalian tissue/organ fuel oxidation serves not produce ATP but generate heat is:a Adrenal glandb Skeletal musclec Brown adipose tissue HeartBrown adipose tissue not prominent tissue humans but could responsible for diet induced thermogenesis normal individuals Oxidation and Phosphorylation coupling does not occur mitochondria result oxidation brown tissue serves produce more heat and less energy form ATP Reference:1 Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry 26th Edition Chapter Page 2172 Histology: Text and Atlas: With Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology Michael Ross Wojciech Pawlina 2006 Page 2443 Textbook Biochemistry Vasudevan 3rd Edition Page 129.......

The ligand-receptor complex dissociates the endosome because:a. its large sizeb. The

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The ligand-receptor complex dissociates endosome because:a its large sizeb vesicle looses its clathrin costc acidic vesicle basic vesicleDuring receptor mediated endocytosis vesicle containing LDL fuses with other vesicles form large vesicles called endosomes ligand-receptor complex dissociates endosomes because vesicle falls Reference:1 Molecular Biology Membrane Transport Disorders Stanley Schultz Issue 13481 1996 Page 3052 Textbook Medical Biochemistry Chatterjea Shinde 6th Edition Page 193 Lippincott’s Biochemistry 3rd Edition Page 2304 Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry Lippincott 3rd Edition Chapter Page 230.......

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During phagocytosis metabolic process called respiratory burst involves activation of:a Oxidase Hydrolasec Peroxidased DehydrogenaseDuring phagocytosis NADPH oxidase and myeloperoxidase work together killing bacteria NADPH oxidase located leukocyte cell membrane gets activated and reduces oxygen from surrounding tissues superoxide This known “respiratory burst” Reference:1 Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry Lippincott 5th Edition Chapter Page 1482 Nutritional Biochemistry Vitamins David Bender 2nd Edition Chapter Pages 187-88.......

Which the following factors responsible for deciding whether antibody immunogl

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following factors responsible for deciding whether antibody immunoglobulin will remain membrane bound get secreted RNA Splicingb Class Switchingc Differential RNA Processing Allelic ExclusionDifferential RNA processing decides whether immunoglobulin will remain membrane bound secreted Reference:1 Textbook biochemistry Vasudevan3rd edn/page 354 .......

All the following represent disorders protein misfolding, excepta. Alzheimer's disea

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All following represent disorders protein misfolding excepta Alzheimer's diseaseb Tuberculosis Cystic fibrosisd Creutzfeldt Jakob diseaseTuberculosis not due protein misfolding Abnormal folding proteins lead pathologic process including loss function gain toxic activity result from accumulation misfolded and aggregated protein specific tissue tissue deposition misfolded protein result cell impairement and death leading clinical symptoms affected individual Reference:1 Current Hypotheses and Research Milestones Alzheimer's Disease Ricardo Maccioni page172.......

All the following are associated with increased risk atherosclerotic plaque formatio

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All following associated with increased risk atherosclerotic plaque formation except Apo mutationb Oxidized LDLc Increased homocysteined Increased Alpha macroglobulin Increased Alpha macroglobulin not associated with increased risk atherosclerotic plaque formation Reference:1 Atherosclerosis Risk Factors James Maciejko page Advances Vascular Medicine David Abraham page9 Free radicals and diseases: gene expression cellular metabolism Tilman Grune page153 .......

Which the following statements about High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) false:a. HDL inc

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following statements about High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) false:a HDL increases oxidation LDL HDL reduces foam cell production LDLc HDL best predictor CADd HDL helps clear lipids from atheromasHDL prevent oxidation LDL complex vitro models result HDL function naturally acting antioxidant protect vessel wall from oxidative damage and resulting atherogenesis Reference:1 Current Pharmaceutical Design Page .......

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