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Antimicrobial Drugs

pharmacology mcqs questions

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Which of the following sulphonamides is available as an oral ...

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pidly absorbed rapidly excreted. It is 50% plasma protein bound 20-40% acetylated. It has good penetration in CSF brain, therefore used in the treatment of meningitis.

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2013-07-01 13:57:22
following sulphonamides available oral preparation SulphacetamideSulphadiazine Silver sulphadiazineMafenide Sulfadiazine issulfonamide can used orally itrapidly absorbed rapidly excreted It50% plasma protein bound 20-40% acetylated has good penetrationCSF brain therefore used intreatmentmeningitis Ref: EssentialsMedical Pharmacology 5th Edition Pages 641-3
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Subject :-pharmacology

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one following penicillin group drug penicillinase resistant AmoxicillinCloxacillin Penicillin GPiperacillin Cloxacillin penicillinase resistant penicillin has isoxazole side chain that protect beta lactam ring from attack staphylococcal penicillinase also acid resistant more active than methicillin against penicillinase producing staphylococci but not against MRSA Cloxacillin incompletely absorbed from oral route 90% plasma protein bound metabolized liver and eliminated primarily kidney Ref: Essentials Medical Pharmacology 5th Edition Pages 659-661 .......

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following represent mechanism action tetracycline Inhibits peptidyl transferaseCauses misreading mRNACauses termination peptide chain elongationBinds site and inhibits attachment tRNA Tetracyclines bacteriostatic antibiotics inhibits protein synthesis binding 30S ribosomal subunit and prevents attachment aminoacyl tRNA mRNA ribosome complex result peptide chain fails grow Ref: Essentials Medical Pharmacology 5th Edition Page 668-73 .......

Which drug does not need dose adjustment patient with creatinine clearance

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drug does not need dose adjustment patient with creatinine clearance mg/min CiprofloxacinSparfloxacinLomefloxacinTrovafloxacin Dose adjustment not required for Trovafloxacin Moxifloxacin Pefloxacin and Nalidixic acid for patient with decreased creatinine clearence Trovafloxacin will cause liver damage and increase liver enzymes contraindicated patients with active liver disease Ref: Sherwood Gorbach John Bartlett Neil Blacklo (2004) Chapter “Quinolones” “Infectious Diesases” 3rd Edition Lippincott Publications USA Page 253 Kalzung 9th Edition Page 779 .......

Antipseudomonal action characteristic which the following antimicrobials?

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Antipseudomonal action characteristic following antimicrobials CefopodoximeCefoperazone CefotetanCeforanide Cefoperazone 3rd generation cephalosporin active against gram positive well gram negative bacterias one the few antibiotics that have anti-pseudomonal action exerts its action inhibiting bacterial cell wall growth Main adverse effect this drug Hypothrombinemia and Disulfiram reaction Ref: Sherwood Gorbach John Bartlett Neil Blacklo (2004) Chapter “Cephalosporins” book “Infectious Diesases” 3rd Edition Lippincott Publications USA Page 196 .......

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Which the following anti-tubercular drug contraindicated pregnancy? Ethamb

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following anti-tubercular drug contraindicated pregnancy EthambutolIsoniazidRifampicinStreptomycin Streptomycin bactericidal antibiotic first class drugs called aminoglycosides discovered and was first antibiotic remedy for tuberculosis derived from actinobacterium Streptomyces griseus Streptomycin cannot given orally but must administered regular intramuscular injections adverse effect this medicine ototoxicity highly contraindicated pregnancy because ototoxicity fetus Ref: Richard Finkel Michelle Alexia Clark Pamela Champe Luigi Cubeddu (2009) Chapter “Antimycrobials” book “Pharmacology” 4th Edition Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Publications United States Page 404 Tripathi 5th Edition Page 681.......

Regarding sulpha group drugs all the below statements are true, except: Sulfonam

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Regarding sulpha group drugs all below statements true except: Sulfonamide may cause Kernicterus newbornSulfonamides used Norcardia infectionsCrystalluria can occur with sulfonamideSulfasalazine absorbed well from GIT Sulfasalazine usaually absorbed from small intestines Only 10% drug absorbed remaining excreted unaltered bowel Hence this drug acts locally intestine patient with inflammatory bowel disease Ref: Paul Beringer (2006) Chapter “Antiinfectives” book “Remington: Science and Practice Pharmacy” Lippincott Williams and Wilkins USA Page 1631 Tripathi 5th Edition Pages 186 643 Katzung 9th Edition Page 591 .......

Which the following drugs decreases hepatic glucose output and improves peripheral

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following drugs decreases hepatic glucose output and improves peripheral insulin utilization ChlorpropamideGlyburideMiglitolPioglitazone Thiazolidinediones such pioglitazone antidiabetic agents that increase insulin sensitivity through variety mechanisms that result decreased hepatic gluconeogenesis and increased insulin-dependent muscle glucose uptake Chlorpropamide oral hypoglycemic agent that sulfonylurea derivative stimulates secretion insulin from pancreas Glyburide sulfonylurea derivative that stimulates insulin secretion from pancreas Miglitol antidiabetic agent that retards glucose absorption the intestinal tract net result lowering postprandial glucose levels .......

48-year-old man presents with complaint non-bloody diarrhea and right lower

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48-year-old man presents with complaint non-bloody diarrhea and right lower quadrant pain with palpable mass and tenderness states that this "flare-up" one worst has ever experienced Radiographic examination reveals evidence ulceration stricture and fistula development colon and small bowel following drugs would MOST useful for treating this patient Diphenoxylate and atropineHydrocortisone suppositoriesHyoscyaminePrednisone The patient presenting with signs and symptoms suggestive Crohn's disease idiopathic inflammatory process that can affect any portion alimentary tract This condition often characterized intermittent bouts low-grade fever diarrhea malaise and weight loss well focal tenderness and palpable tender mass lower abdomen There radiographic evidence ulceration stricturing fistulas small intestine and colon Nonpharmacologic therapy can efficacious some cases but more severe cases may require corticosteroids such prednisone dramatically suppress clinical signs and symptoms Antidiarrheal agents (eg diphenoxylate with atropine loperamide) should used very cautiously these patients since there very high risk toxic megacolon Hydrocortisone suppositories indicated for treatment distal ulcerative colitis not Crohn's disease Hyoscyamine anticholinergic agent that may alleviate postprandial abdominal pain patient with irritable bowel syndrome administered 30-60 minutes before meal Mesalamine 5-aminosalicylic acid derivative indicated for treatment ulcerative colitis Although this agent may provide some benefit treatment Crohn's disease prednisone drug choice for treatment acute "flare-ups" seen patients with this disease .......

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