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Which of the following statements is true about BCG vaccination:a. Dis...

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. Since the 1967, the “Danish 1331” has been in use. The quality is regularly kept in check by the International Reference Centre at Copenhagen.The diluent used in the BCG vacc

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2013-11-16 10:40:52
following statements true about BCG vaccination:a Distilled water used diluent for BCGb site injection should cleaned with spiritc Mantoux test becomes positive after hours vaccinationd WHO recommends Danish 1331 strain for vaccine production“Danish 1331” isstrain recommended WHO forproductionvaccine Since1967“Danish 1331” has beenusequalityregularly keptcheck byInternational Reference Centre CopenhagenThe diluent used inBCG vaccinenormal saline and not distilled waterThe siteinjection should cleaned with normal saline before administeringinjectionThe Mantoux test becomes positive afterperiod8 weeksReference:1 Park’s TextbookPreventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; pages 160 163;
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Case finding RNTCP based following Mantoux test PCRb ray chestc Sputum cultured Sputum microscopy According guidelines RNTCP first diagnostic importance given direct smear examination sputum sputum collected from those patients who visit hospital and health centres with following symptoms: Persistent cough about weeks duration Continuous fever Chest pain HemoptysisReference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; pages 154 155; 352 3572 http://www tbcindia nic in/pdfs/RNTCP%20TB%20India%202011 pdf.......

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All following prevention strategies followed for Neonatal Tetanus excepta Immunizing all married womenb clean practicesc doses all pregnant womend Giving penicillin all new bornsAdministration penicillin all newborns has not been established strategy prevent neonatal tetanus While other three options included prevention neonatal tetanus Penicillin can used treatment kill any vegetative forms tetanus bacteria and also prophylaxis tetanus Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; pages 260 264;.......

According the congenital rubella syndrome eradication program, the first priority for

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According congenital rubella syndrome eradication program first priority for rubella vaccination offered following group All female children one yearb All non pregnant women All non pregnant women age All adolescent non pregnant girls years ageThe first and foremost priority has been given group all non-pregnant women between ages and for rubella vaccination other three options suitable age groups Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; pages 130 131;.......

Which the following the least common complication measles?a. Keratomalaciab. Pneu

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following least common complication measles Keratomalaciab Pneumoniac SSPE Otitis mediaAmong given options though all complications measles most one Sub-acute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis; while other three common complications SSPE usually occurs after many years initial infection characterised progressive mental deterioration and paralysis diagnosed high levels complement fixing antibodies serum and cerebrospinal fluid Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; pages 126 1292 Measles Maxine Rosaler; pages 113 Infections Central Nervous System Michael Scheld Richard Whitley Christina Marra; pages 112.......

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All following infections have carrier states excepta Measles Diptheriac Typhoidd GonorrheaDue inadequate immune response inadeqaute treatment there formation carrier state there elimination infective agent Depending duration carrier can either temporary chronic chronic carrier one who excretes infectious agent for indefinite periods Among given options measles does not have any carrier state only source infection for measles case measles itself Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; pages and 127; .......

Expanded Programme Immunisation schedule includes all the following vaccines, except

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Expanded Programme Immunisation schedule includes all following vaccines except fora OPVb MMR DPTd BCGWHO launched “Expanded Programme Immunization” (EPI) year 1974 principle this programme was based fact that immunization most powerful and cost effective weapon deal with vaccine preventable diseases preventable childhood diseases included among them are:i Diphtheriaii Pertusisiii Tetanusiv Poliov Tuberculosisvi MeaslesThus MMR with vaccination against mumps measles and rubella not included EPI but instead only vaccine against measles included Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; pages 105 106; 363 364.......

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All following about 'herd immunity' true excepta Spread epidemic influenced itb Can acquired immunisationc mostly due sub-clinical infectiond Herd structure constant herd structure includes population belong herd species presence and distribution altered animal hosts and possible insect vector well those environmental and social factors that favour inhibit spread infection from host host This herd structure can never constant subjected new variations These new variations occur due new births new deaths and population mobility Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th Edition; Pages .......

Smoking the cause 85% lung cancers that occurred within group smokers. This

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Smoking cause 85% lung cancers that occurred within group smokers This example following statistics Population attributable risk Odds ratioc Attributable risk Relative riskAccording question 85% lung cancers that occur among smokers due their smoking Thus there attributable risk 85% for smokers develop lung cancers implies that controlling factor disease can eliminated Attributable Risk difference incidence rates disease between exposed group and non-exposed group and often expressed percentage Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th Edition; Pages and .......

Physical quality life index (PQLI) includes which the following, excepta. Literacy

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Physical quality life index (PQLI) includes following excepta Literacy rateb Infant mortality ratec Life expectancy age oned Per capita incomePer capita income not included among indicators Physical Quality Life does not measure economic growth but instead measures social economic and political policies While other three options indicators consolidate Physical Quality Life Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; Page .......

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