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CNS Drugs

pharmacology mcqs questions

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Which of the following drug is used in the treatment of antipyschotic ...

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inergic drugs. They act by reducing the unbalanced cholinergic activity in the striatum of parkinsonian patients. These are the only drugs effective in the treatment of drug in

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2013-07-01 13:39:37
following drug used treatment antipyschotic drug-induced Parkinsonism Anticholinergics AmantadineLevodopaSelegiline Antipsychotic drug induced parkinsonismtreated with central anticholinergic drugs They act reducingunbalanced cholinergic activity instriatumparkinsonian patients These areonly drugs effective intreatmentdrug induced Parkinsonism Most commonly used anticholinergic drugTrihexyphenidyl Patients with drug induced parkinsonism presents with rigidity tremor hypokinesia mask like facies and shuffling gait Symptoms usually appear between 1-4 weekstherapy and persist unless dose reducedrformextrapyramidal side effect called perioral tremors ‘rabbit syndrome’ generally occurs after severaltherapy Ref: EssentialsMedical Pharmacology 5th Edition Pages 397-8
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Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

All following drugs classifed hallucinogens EXCEPT: LSDMescalinePhenhylcyclidineMethylphenidate Methylphenidate psychostimulant similar amphetamine not hallucinogen acts primarily releasing noradrenaline and dopamine brain used treatment attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder considered superior amphetamine for hyperkinetic children because causes lesser tachycardia growth retardation Side effects anorexia insomnia abdominal discomfort bowel upset Ref: Essentials Medical Pharmacology 5th Edition Pages 403 436.......

Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

following act Inverse agonist benzodiazepine receptor PhenobarbitoneFlumazenilBeta-carboline Gabapentin Inverse agonists benzodiazepine refers those drugs bind benzodiazepine receptor result effects that opposite those agonists Beta carboline inverse agonist benzodiazepine can induce anxiety like state Ref: Clinical Manual Addiction Psychopharmacology Domenic Ciraulo Page 123; Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies Lewis Goldfrank Page 232; Encyclopedia Molecular Pharmacology Stefan Offermanns Volume 2nd Edition Page 253; Essentials Medical Pharmacology 5th Edition Page 364 .......

Which the following the characteristic differentiating feature between typical

Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

following characteristic differentiating feature between typical and atypical antipsychotics Atypical drugs cause minimal increase prolactinAtypical drugs cause substantial sedationTypical drugs cause tardive dyskinesia Typical drugs available parenteral preparations Tardive dyskinesia extrapyramidal symptom most commonly seen with typical antipsychotics manifests purposeless involuntary facial limb movements like constant chewing puffing cheeks lip licking and choreoathetoid movements most commonly seen elderly women primarily due progressive neuronal degeneration along with supersensitivity dopamine uncommon with atypical antipsychotics like Clozapine Olanzapine and Risperidone Ref: Essentials Medical Pharmacology 5th Edition Pages 391 397-8 .......

Which the following statement regarding selegeline FALSE? MAO-A inhib

Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

following statement regarding selegeline FALSE MAO-A inhibitor used parkinsonismDoes not cause cheese reactionMay used on-off phenomenon Selegiline selective Mono Amine Oxidase–B inhibitor MAO predominantly seen brain and blood platelets and decreases intracerebral degradation dopamine result symptoms parkinsonism improved Ref: Essentials Medical Pharmacology 5th Edition Page 387; Principles Pharmacology: Pathophysiologic Basis Drug Therapy David Gola 2nd Edition Page 194 .......

patient who was phenytoin for seizures develops depression for which pres

Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

patient who was phenytoin for seizures develops depression for prescribed Amytriptiline now complains lassitude and his hemoglobin following next step diagnostic investigations Chest X-ray should doneMCV should estimated GGT should estimatedNone above Patient question stem showing features anemia phenytoin likely develop megaloblastic anemia side effect since phenytoin decreases folate absorption and increases its excretion for confirming diagnosis megaloblastic anemia mean corpuscular volume (MCV) should estimated Amitriptyline and imipramine strongly and competitively inhibited phenytoinp-hydroxylation This increases dose phenytoin leading side effects combination drugs should changed this scenario Ref: Essentials Medical Pharmacology 5th Edition Pages 372-3 .......

Following are the conditions where morphine can used, except: HypothyroidismDiab

Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

Following conditions morphine can used except: HypothyroidismDiabetesHead injury Asthma Morphine should not used cases head injury Ref: Tripathi 5th Edition Page 423 Goodman and Gillman 5th Edition Page 591 Precautions and Contraindications Morphine .......

All are correct regarding drug interactions levodopa, EXCEPT: Domperidone blocks

Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

All correct regarding drug interactions levodopa EXCEPT: Domperidone blocks levodopa induced emesis and its therapeutic potential prodrug later converts active form after absorptionIn Parkinsonism phenothiazines reduce its actionPyridoxine reduces effect levodopa parkinsonism domperidone administered with levodopa bromocriptine counter acts their dose limiting emetic action without affecting therapeutic effect Parkinsonism Ref: Rondanelli (1998) Chapter “Antiparkinsonian Drug Interaction” book “Clinical Pharmacology Drug Interactions” Page 473 Tripathi 5th Edition Page 604 385 .......

Delta type opioid receptor has what type action? Reduced intestinal motilityEuph

Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

Delta type opioid receptor has type action Reduced intestinal motilityEuphoriaSupraspinal analgesia Respiratory depression There three types opioid receptors They kappa and delta receptors receptors release endorphins and enkephalins Supra spinal analgesia caused all three receptors Hence answer supraspinal analgesia for this question Other options usually mediated and kappa type receptors Ref: Katzung 9th Edition Page 498 .......

Name the drug which does not bind GABA receptor chloride channel? Ethyl alcoholZ

Subject :-pharmacology

Topic :- CNS Drugs

Name drug does not bind GABA receptor chloride channel Ethyl alcoholZolpidemBuspirone Alphaxolone acts primarly selective partial agonists 5-HT1A receptors acts minimally other receptor such (dopamine receptor) and 5-HT2A receptors Unlike benzodiazepines has action GABA-BZD chlorine channel Ref: Richard Finkel Michelle Alexia Clark Pamela Champe Luigi Cubeddu (2009) Chapter “Anxiolytic and Hypnotic drugs” book “Pharmacology” 4th Edition Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Publications United States Page 110 .......

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