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microbiology mcqs questions

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Which of the following change is observed following neonatal thymectom...

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l lymphatic tissues, such as white pulp of the spleen, around the central arterioles and in the paracortical areas of lymph nodes. These regions have been termed as thymus depe

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2013-04-29 17:56:27
following change observed following neonatal thymectomy Decrease size germinal centerIncreased antibody production cellsIncreased bone marrow production lymphocytesDecrease size paracortical areas lymph nodes lymphocytes selectively seeded into certain sites peripheral lymphatic tissues such white pulp ofspleen around the central arterioles and inparacortical areaslymph nodes These regions have been termed thymus dependent regions they depleted after neonatal thymectomy Secondary thymectomy there isreduction insize paracortical regions oflymph node and periarteriolar tissue spleen Inlymph nodethymus dependent paracortical areas shows depletionlymphocytes while there islosslymphoid cells around small blood vessels inspleen Ref: Nutrition Immunity and Infections Prakash Shetty Page Histology Ray Henrikson Volume 518 Page 220
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