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special questions by mbbsdost founder Dr.Vinay Yadav

important mcqs questions

Questions starts with :-

The screening strategy for prevention of blindness from diabetic retin...

Subject :-


Correct answer :- *** Hidden ***

Explanation :-

tegy followed for prevention of blindness secondary to diabetic retinopathy involves screening of those individuals who are at high risk. These high risk groups are identified usin

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2013-03-16 17:23:54
The screening strategy for prevention blindness from diabetic retinopathy according NPCB involves Opportunistic screeningb High Risk Screening Mass screeningd Screening Primary PhysicianAccording toNational Programme for ControlBlindnessscreening strategy followed for preventionblindness secondary diabetic retinopathy involves screeningthose individuals who high risk These high risk groups identified using ophthalmoscopy and fundus photographyReference:1 Ophthalmology Khurana Pages 426-4332 Concise TextbookOphthalmology Sharma Pages 208-2113 Park TextbookSocial and Preventive Medicine 19th Edition Pages 360-362
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Subject :-important

Topic :- special questions by mbbsdost founder Dr.Vinay Yadav

All following indicators represent Human Development Index except:a Life Expectancy Birthb Life Expectancy year age Educationd GDPHuman Development Index (HDI) defined “a composite index combining indicators representing three dimensions longevity (life expectancy birth) knowledge (adult literacy rate and mean years schooling) and income (real GDP per capita purchasing power parity dollars) ”Reference:1 Preventive and Social Medicine Park 19th edition Page 15-17.......

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All following about 'Red Cross' emblem true except Size bars cross equal horizontally and verticallyb Can used personnel United Nations Organization (UNO) Misuse emblem punishable offence under Indian Lawd Was convened GenevaThe emblem red cross cannot used personnel United Nations Organisation Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social medicine 19th Edition Pages 767-7682 International Law and Humanitarian Assistance Hans-Joachim Heintze Pages 34-353 Red Cross Krista McLuskey Pages 3-5.......

The population community the 1st June was recorded 1,65,000. Total no.

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Topic :- special questions by mbbsdost founder Dr.Vinay Yadav

The population community 1st June was recorded 000 Total new cases Tuberculosis recorded from 1st January 31st June were Total Registered cases tuberculosis community were recorded 220 incidence this community per lakh population 133 220c above clinical scenario given population 000 total number 220 cases and number new cases incidence tuberculosis from first January 31st June for every lakhs population 133 above question calculated :Total population risk 165000Number cases infected (new cases) 220Incidence calculated for per 100000 populationIncidence (220 100000)/165000 133 133 per 100000 populationReference:Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th Edition Page .......

new test for diabetes was carried out the people who were tested positive (+ve),

Subject :-important

Topic :- special questions by mbbsdost founder Dr.Vinay Yadav

new test for diabetes was carried out people who were tested positive (+ve) was found that actually had diabetes and out 9920 people who were tested negative (-ve) only 9840 did not have disease actually sensitivity this new test 33% 50%c 65%d 99%The sensitivity this new test for diabetes 33% question has increased number true negatives (9840 people) and increased number false positives (40 people) has more value rule out diabetes but with less sensitivity test has less diagnostic value 33% sensitive means per cent diseased people screened test will give “true positive” result and remaining per cent will give “false negative” result above question:Total people who took test1000No true positives40No false positives40No true negatives9840No false negatives80Sensitivity 33%Specificity 5%Predictive value positive test 50%Predictive value negative test 99%Reference:Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th Edition Pages 118-119.......

standard 'z-score' related :a. Binomial distributionb. Normal distribution Chi-

Subject :-important

Topic :- special questions by mbbsdost founder Dr.Vinay Yadav

standard 'z-score' related Binomial distributionb Normal distribution Chi-squ testd t-test score statistic used represent how many standard deviation intervals value falls above below mean also known standard normal scores score most commonly used context population and same principles used for identification location within sample scores can more and less than mean and thus considered positive and negative scores calculated as: M)/SD One score example (Sample) sign score depends whether sample value above below mean Sample mean Standard Deviation sample Reference:1 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Frederick Gravetter Larry Wallnau Page 153-1542 Encyclopaedia Mathematics Bänden Michiel Hazewinkel Volume Pages 3973 Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice and Evaluation Allen Rubin Pages 86-90.......

Which the following statements about confidence limits/ interval true :a. Smaller

Subject :-important

Topic :- special questions by mbbsdost founder Dr.Vinay Yadav

following statements about confidence limits/ interval true Smaller confidence level larger will confidence intervalb Less variable data wider will confidence intervalc Sample size does not affect confidence intervald 95% confidence interval will cover standard errors around meanThe confidence interval derived from standard error mean used measure dispersion distribution confidence interval often called percentage confidence 95% critical value confidence limit/interval covers +/- (approx around mean Reference:1 Choosing and Using Statistics Biologist's Guide Calvin Dytham Pages 56-572 Introductory Econometrics Modern Approach Jeffrey Wooldridge Pages 138-1403 Schaum's Outline Theory and Problems Probability and Statistics Murray Spiegel John Schiller Alu Srinivasan Pages 205-208.......

India aims eliminate which the following diseases 2015 :a. Malariab. Tuberculosis

Subject :-important

Topic :- special questions by mbbsdost founder Dr.Vinay Yadav

India aims eliminate following diseases 2015 Malariab Tuberculosisc Kala Azard FilariasisAccording “The National Health Policy” declared 2002 India has set aim eliminate filariasis year 2015 Reference:Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th Edition Page 726.......

Which Vitamin deficiency can result neonatal seizures ?a. Thiamineb. Pyridoxinec. Cyano

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Topic :- nutrition -- micronutrients in health and disease

Vitamin deficiency can result neonatal seizures Thiamineb Pyridoxinec Cyanocobalamind Vitamin-CPyridoxine Neonatal seizures can effectively treatedwith Pyridoxine replacement .......

child with alopecia, hyperpigmentation psoriatic dermatitis genitalsand mouth and hyp

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Topic :- nutrition -- micronutrients in health and disease

child with alopecia hyperpigmentation psoriatic dermatitis genitalsand mouth and hypogonadism likely suffering from deficiencyb Iron deficiencyc deficiencyd deficiency deficiency Anorexia Alopecia Acral dermatitis Acrodermatitis enteropathica Behavioral clinical features .......

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