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The following ECG tracing was obtained from a 79 years old woman prese...

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inus node automaticity is suppressed by the tachyarrhythmia and results in a prolonged sinus pause following termination of the tachycardia. The patient in this case is sympt

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2013-11-12 11:33:48
The following ECG tracing was obtained from years old woman presenting with dizziness She had several similar episodes short lasting dizziness and one episode syncope but never needed treatment She non-hypertensive non-diabetic mother two Her husband has died one month ago age years She has osteoarthritis both knee joints but never takes NSAIDs She has left her yoga classes after her husband’s death and takes vegetarian diet would you like for her Reassurance This benign condition and direct therapy needed Nuclear cardiac stress testing; treatment depending results Load with 325 aspirin plus 150 clopidogrel immediately and arrange angiography Arrange placement permanent pacemaker The patient question has symptomatic tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome Sinus node automaticitysuppressed bytachyarrhythmia and results prolonged sinus pause following termination oftachycardia patientthis casesymptomatic and pacemaker placement warranted; reassurance would putpatient riskfurther syncopal episodes and bodily harm from fall accident Althoughpacemaker will prevent bradycardia does not prevent tachycardiapatient may need medication prevent tachycardia she continues symptomatic after pacemaker placement Itunlikely that any positive findings onstress test could correlated with her ECG findings The tachy-brady syndrome does increasepatient’s riskcardioembolic event and anticoagulation should considered Aspirin however not appropriate agent prevent cardioembolic disease] (Harrison 17th: 1417-1419)
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adolescent presents with shortness breath during exercise and found anemic.

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adolescent presents with shortness breath during exercise and found anemic hemoglobin electrophoresis performed that depicted figure below adolescent’s sample run with controls including normal sickle trait and sickle cell anemia hemoglobin samples and serum adolescent determined have unknown hemoglobinopathy following lanes contains adolescent’s sample Lane Ab) Lane Bc) Lane Cd) Lane Protein electrophoresis important laboratory technique for investigating red cell proteins such hemoglobin plasma proteins such immunoglobulins proteins dissolved buffer low amino groups amino acid side chains positively charged causing most proteins migrate toward negative electrode (anode) Red cell hemolysates used for hemoglobin electrophoresis plasma (blood supernatant with unhemolyzed red cells removed) for plasma proteins Serum (blood supernatant after clotting) would not contain red cells but would contain many blood enzymes and proteins sickle cell anemia hemoglobin contains valine substitution for glutamic acid position hemoglobin Hemoglobin thus loses two negative charges (loss glutamic acid carboxyl group each two -globin chains) compared hemoglobin Hemoglobin thus more positively charged and migrates more rapidly toward anode than hemoglobin Lane must represent heterozygote with sickle cell trait (hemoglobins and establishing lane normal and lane sickle cell anemia sample hemoglobin lane migrates differently from normal and hemoglobin would befit abnormal hemoglobin that different from Lane must serum does not contain red blood cells .......

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