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Sphingomyelinase Deficiency is seen in :a. Niemann - Pick disease b. F...

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deficiency of sphingomyelinase enzyme, leading to the accumulation of sphingomyelin. It is charecterised by severe CNS damage, mental retardation, hepatospleenomegaly and cherry r

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2013-11-16 10:40:15
Sphingomyelinase Deficiency seen Niemann Pick disease Farber's diseasec Tay Sach diseased Krabbe diseaseNiemann Pick Diseasean autosomal recessively inherited disease caused bydeficiencysphingomyelinase enzyme leading toaccumulationsphingomyelin Itcharecterised severe CNS damage mental retardation hepatospleenomegaly and cherry red spot inmacula Death occur yearsthis disease Zebra bodies seenReference:TextbookBiochemistry Vasudevan 3rd Edition Page 157
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following lipoproteins does not move towards charged end electrophoresis VLDLb LDLc HDLd ChylomicronsChylomicrons not move towards charged end electrophoresis they too large penetrate into resolving gel Reference:Nutrition Lipids Health and Disease Augustine Ong Etsuo Niki Page 196.......

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Branched chain keto acid decarboxylation defective Maple Syrup urine disease Hartnup diseasec Alkaptonuriad GM1 GangliosidosisBranched chain keto acids include valine leucine and isoleucine Leucine ketogenic valine glucogenic and isoleucine both glucogenic and ketogenic thiamine requiring enzymes required for decarboxylation these aminoacids defective maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) Reference:Textbook Biochemistry Vasudevan 3rd Edition Page 160.......

Inulin like fructans are used prebiotics they are non digestible. Resistance dige

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Neutral molecules are transported by:a. Porin channelsb. Ionophoresc. Simple diffusion

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Vitamin required for carboxylation clotting factors Vitamin Vitamin Vitamin Vitamin Vitamin-K plays principle role post translational modification various blood clotting factors serves coenzyme carboxylation certain glutamic acid and certain residues present these proteins Reference:1 Lippincott’s Biochemistry 5th Edition Pages 389-912 Harper’s Textbook Biochemistry 27th Edition Page 495.......

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following tissues glycogen incapable contributing directly blood glucose Liverb Muscle Bothd NoneMuscle glycogen cannot contribute directly plasma glucose since muscle lacks glucose 6-phosphatase Reference:1 Biochemistry Mary Campbell Shawn Farrell 7th Edition Page 5222 Harper Textbook Biochemistry 27th Edition Page 1423 Lippincott’s Biochemistry 5th Edition Pages 131 132 133.......

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