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major test forensic

forensic mcqs questions

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Privileged communication is made between-a.patient and ...

Subject :-


Correct answer :- *** Hidden ***

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a proper authority who has corresponding legal, social, and moral duties to protect the public

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2013-11-09 17:34:55
Privileged communication made between-a patient and doctorb doctor and court lawc doctor and relatived doctor and concerned authority privileged communication may defined ascommunication made bydoctor toproper authority who has corresponding legal social and moral duties protectpublic
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Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

Contributory negligence defense civil negligenceb criminal negligencec ethical negligenced none aboveContributory negligence common-law jurisdictions defense claim based negligence action tort applies cases plaintiff/claimant has through his own negligence contributed harm she suffered For example pedestrian crosses road negligently and hit driver who was driving negligently pedestrian has contributed accident Another example contributory negligence plaintiff voluntarily disregards warnings and assumes certain level risk although accepting reasonable risk while attempting rescue another person not considered contributory negligence .......

Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

Disease permanently alters finger prints is-a leprosyb tuberculosisc diabetesd dermatitisLeprosy permanently alters finger prints.......

Casper's dictum used for-a.identification bodyb.estimation time since deathc.esta

Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

Casper's dictum used for-a identification bodyb estimation time since deathc establishing cause deathd establishing weapon injuryCasper’s dictum relates rate putrefaction – says that putrefaction water slower than air putrefaction air water soil Putrefaction retarded by: ºC ºC dry weather ↓ air velocity tight clothing deep grave body dry soil body packed coffin infants not fed wasting diseases like anaemia poisoning Carbolic acid ZnCl2 Strychnine heavy metals like Sb; water slower than air (Casper’s dictum) Orders Putrefaction earliest last larynx trachea → Stomach intestine → liver spleen → Brain Lungs → Heart Kidney → Bladder Uterus/Prostate → Skin muscles tendon → lastly bones Identification data includes – Race and religion age general development and stature Complexion and features External peculiarities such moles birthmarks malformations scars tattoos occupation marks anthropometric measurements fingerprints (dactylography Galton system) and footprints palatoprints teeth clothes jewellery handwriting speech and voice gaits tricks manner and habbit memory and education Mode injury mechanism force causing injury Different modes injury – twist fall from height fall from stairs Directs blow/assault/crush Sport Vehicle occupant Pedestrian Motorcylist Cyclist Stress/Spontaneous fracture Gunshot injuries etc Depth insertion knife – depends upon (1) condition knife- sharp tip cutting edge double-edged/single edged knife (2) the resistance offered tissues organs- bone calcified cartilage skin (3) Clothing- multiple layers tough cloth thick leather jacket (4) speed thrust knife (5) Stretched skin easier penetrate than lax skin (6) knife strikes skin right angles usually penetrates more deeply than strikes from acute angle (7) knife penetrates skin rapidly body falls runs blade momentum forward moving body sufficient cause fatal injury .......

All the following are types finger prints except-a.archb.loopc.composited.circlee.wh

Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

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Culpable homicide not amounting murder under section-a.304b.304Ac,302d.376

Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

Culpable homicide not amounting murder under section-a 304b 304Ac 302d 376Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 304A Causing death negligence 1[304A Causing death negligence —Whoever causes death any person doing any rash negligent act not amounting culpable homicide shall punished with imprisonment either description for term may extend two years with fine with both CLASSIFICATION OFFENCE Punishment—Imprisonment for years fine both—Cognizable—Bailable—Triable Magistrate first class—Non-compoundable Comments Automobile accidents there accident because negligence gateman keeping gate open and inviting vehicles pass driver bus cannot held guilty negligence; Hussain State Andhra Pradesh AIR 1972 685 Distinction between rash and negligent act appellant was charged with offence under section 304A for causing death one contact with electrically charged copper wire had fixed back his house with view prevent entry intruders into his latrine was held that voltage current passing through the naked wire being high enough lethal there could dispute that charging with current that voltage was rash act done reckless disregard serious consequences people coming into contact with for accused solely responsible under section 304A; Cherupin Gregory State Bihar 1964 (1) 138: AIR 1965 205 Scope order impose criminal liability accused must found fact that collusion was entirely mainly due rashness negligence; Munile Sao State Bihar (1997) Crimes 200 (Pat) .......

Cadaveric spasm seen -a, after hoursb. After hoursc. after hoursd. after hourse

Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

Cadaveric spasm seen after hoursb After hoursc after hoursd after hourse immediately after deathcadeveric spasm- this condition characterized stiffening muscles immediately after death without being preceded stage primary relaxation therefore often called instanteneous rigor The penomenon quiet conditions necessary for its development are-1 Somatic death must occur with extremely rapidity2 muscles must physical emergency that time.......

woman died within years marriage under suspicious circumstances. her parents compla

Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

woman died within years marriage under suspicious circumstances her parents complained that her laws used frequently demand for dowry Under following sections can magistrate authorize cae-a Section 174 CrPcb Section 176 CrPcc Section 304 IPCd Section 302 IPCMagistrate’s inquest means inquiry conducted magistrate ascertain matters fact commonly held following cases: Admission mentally ill person psychiatric hospital psychiatric nursing home under certain provisions Mental Health Act 1987; Death convict jail; Death person police custody during police interrogation; Death result police shooting killing; Exhumation cases and Dowry deaths under section Sec 176 Criminal Procedure Code 1973 Magistrate’s Court generally court trial were accused present during trial court can impose fine and/or punishment can punish those guilty contempt his court offence committed outside his court’s premises .......

Which the following sections IPC concerned with dowry death?a. 300b. 302c. 304Ad.

Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

following sections IPC concerned with dowry death 300b 302c 304Ad 304BIndian Penal Code (IPC) Section 304B Dowery death 1[304B Dowry death —(1) death woman caused any burns bodily injury occurs otherwise than under normal circumstances within seven years her marriage and shown that soon before her death she was subjected cruelty har­assment her husband any relative her husband for connection with any demand for dowry such death shall called “dowry death” and such husband relative shall deemed have caused her death Explanation For purpose this sub-section “dowry” shall have same meaning section Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 (28 1961) (2) Whoever commits dowry death shall punished with imprison­ment for term shall not less than seven years but may extend imprisonment for life CLASSIFICATION OFFENCE Punishment—Imprisonment not less than years but may extend imprisonment for life—Cognizable—Non-bailable—Triable Court Session—Non-compoundable COMMENTS Applicability was argued that husband any his relative could guilty offence only she directly participated actual commission offence This contention was rejected Andhra Pradesh High Court observed that its real import section 304B Indian Penal Code would applicable cruelty harassment was inflicted husband any his relative for connection with demand for dowry immediately preceding death bodily injury burning short she should have died abnormal circumstances within seven years marriage such circumstances husband relative case may will deemed have caused her death and will liable punishment; Vadde Rama Rao State Andhra Pradesh 1990 1666 Burden Proof prosecution under section 304B Indian Penal Code cannot escape from burden proof that harassment cruelty was related demand for dowry and such was caused “soon before her death” word “dowry” has understood defined section Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 Thus there are three occasions related dowry before marriage time marriage and unending period customary payment connection with birth child other ceremonies not involved within ambit “dowry”; Satvir Singh State Punjab AIR 2001 2828: (2001) SCC 633 Dowry (i) evidence revealed that accused—husband killed deceased—wife for not satisfying his dowry demand but nothing record show involvement co-accused in-laws with the offence committed accused co-accused in-laws not guilty offence under sections 304B; Patil Paresh Kumar Jayanti Lal State Gujarat 2000 223 (Guj) (ii) parties were married 24-5-1962 After staying matrimonial home for two months she returned her parents’ house and told them that her husband wanted television set and fridge Her father gave her sum 000 and she left for matrimonial home Her husband again demanded sum 000 for purchasing plot Thereafter husband took his wife her parents’ home saying that would not take her back unless sum 000 was paid him After one year took her back but did not give demand for 000 Soon thereafter she left for her parents’ home and came back with sum 000 with promise that rest amount would paid later her husband’s home she died strangulation trial court found accused guilty The death deceased took place within seven years marriage and persistent demands dowry were made her and she died under mysterious circumstances trial court framed charge under section 304B Supreme Court held that ground for quashing charge was made out; Nem Chand State Haryana (1994) Crimes 608 (SC) Essential ingredients attract provisions section 304B one main ingredients offence required established that “soon before her death” she was subjected cruelty and harassment “in connection with demand dowry”; Prema Rao Yadla Srinivasa Rao AIR 2003 Expression ‘soon before her death’: meaning expression ‘soon before her death’ used substantive section 304B and section 113B Evidence Act present with idea proximity text definite period has been indicated and expression ‘soon before her death’ not defined determination period can come within term ‘soon before’ left determined courts depending upon facts and circumstances each case Suffice however indicate that expression ‘soon before would normally imply that interval should not much between concerned cruelty harassment and death question There must existence proximate and live-link between effect cruelty based dowry demand and concerned death alleged incident cruelty remote time and has become stale enough not disturb mental equilibrium woman concerned would consequence; Kaliyaperumal State Tamil Nadu AIR 2003 3828 See also Yashoda State Madhya Pradesh (2004) SCC Presumption: Applicability (i) presumption shall raised only proof following essentials:— (1) question before court must whether accused has committed dowry death woman (2) woman was subjected cruelty harassment her husband his relatives (3) Such cruelty harassment was for connection with any demand for dowry (4) Such cruelty harassment was soon before her death Kaliyaperumal State Tamil Nadu AIR 2003 3828 (ii) dowry death cases and most such offences direct evidence hardly available and such cases usually proved circumstantial evidence This section well section 113B Evidence Act enact rule presumption death occurs within seven years marriage suspicious circumstances This may caused burns any other bodily injury Thus obligatory part prosecution show that death occurred within seven years marriage prosecution would fail establish that death did not occur within seven years marriage this section will not apply; Ratan Lal State Madhya Pradesh 1994 Cri 1684 See also Satyanandam Public Prosecutor High Court AIR 2004 1708 Section 304B and Section 498A Distinction Section 304B substantive provision creating new offence and not merely provision effecting change procedure for trial pre-existing substantive offence consequence accused cannot tried and punished for offence dowry death provided section 304B with mini­mum sentence seven years’ imprisonment for act done them prior creation new offence dowry death; Soni Dev­rajbhai Babubhai State Gujarat 1991 (313) (SC) Scope (i) perusal section 304B clearly shows that married woman dies otherwise than under normal circumstances within seven years her marriage and shown that soon before her death she was subjected cruelty harassment her husband any relative her husband connection with demand for dowry such death shall called “dowry death” and such husband relative shall deemed have caused death conditions precedent for establishing offence under this section follows: (a) that married woman had died otherwise than under normal circumstances; (b) such death was within seven years her marriage; and (c) prosecution has established that there was cruelty and harassment connection with demand for dowry soon before her death; Baljit Singh State Haryana AIR 2004 1714: (2004) SCC 122 (ii) Offence under section 304B Indian Penal Code triable Court Session cognizable and non-bailable offence minimum punishment for offence seven years imprisonment may extend life imprisonment Section 304B applies not only death caused her husband in-laws but also death occurs unnaturally whoever might have caused section will apply whenever occurrence death preceded cruelty harassment husband in-laws for dowry and death occurs unnatural circumstances may emphasised that occurrence death such circumstances enough though death might not have been fact caused husband in-laws Thus intention behind section fasten death husband in-laws though they did not fact caused death Thus fiction has been created because these circumstances misery and agony created thereby compels the unfortunate married woman end her life; Premwati State Uttar Pradesh 1991 263 Unnatural death In-laws insisted dowry demands one married young woman Ultimately appeared that she was done death and her body was cremated without sending any information her parents any relatives Supreme Court held that was natural death there was need for appellants act such unnatural manner and cremate body great and unholy haste without even informing parents result was unnatural death either homicidal suicidal But even assuming that case suicide even then would death had occurred unnatural circumstances Even such case section 304B attracted and this position not disputed Therefore prosecution has established that appellants have committed offence punishable under section 304B beyond all reasonable doubts; Shanti State Haryana AIR 1991 1226 .......

Section IPC 377 deals with-a. unnatural sex offencesb. rapec. incestd. adultery

Subject :-forensic

Topic :- major test forensic

Section IPC 377 deals with-a unnatural sex offencesb rapec incestd adulteryIndian Penal Code (IPC) Section 377 Unnatural offences Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against order nature with any man woman animal shall punished with 1[imprisonment for life] with imprisonment either description for term may extend ten years and shall also liable fine Explanation Penetration sufficient constitute carnal intercourse necessary offence described this section CLASSIFICATION OFFENCE Punishment—Imprisonment for life imprisonment for years and fine—Cognizable—Non-Bailable—Triable Magistrate first class—Non-compoundable .......

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