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Physical quality of life index (PQLI) includes which of the following,...

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fe as it does not measure the economic growth but instead it it measures the social. economic and political policies. While the other three options are the indicators which consoli

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2013-11-16 10:40:52
Physical quality life index (PQLI) includes following excepta Literacy rateb Infant mortality ratec Life expectancy age oned Per capita incomePer capita incomenot included amongindicatorsPhysical QualityLife does not measureeconomic growth but instead measuressocial economic and political policies Whileother three options areindicators consolidatePhysical QualityLifeReference:1 Park’s TextbookPreventive and Social Medicine 19th edition; Page
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Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

Smoking cause 85% lung cancers that occurred within group smokers This example following statistics Population attributable risk Odds ratioc Attributable risk Relative riskAccording question 85% lung cancers that occur among smokers due their smoking Thus there attributable risk 85% for smokers develop lung cancers implies that controlling factor disease can eliminated Attributable Risk difference incidence rates disease between exposed group and non-exposed group and often expressed percentage Reference:1 Park’s Textbook Preventive and Social Medicine 19th Edition; Pages and .......

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

investigator observes that five independent risk factors influence occurance disease following statistical tests should applied assess relationship between these risk factors and occurance disease ANOVAb Multiple Linear Regressionc Multiple Logistic Regression One way analysis Variance multiple logistic regression model used study effects multiple predictor variables risk factors and treatments) categorical outcomes and outcome normally binary such presence absence disease Logistic models regularly applied studying relationships between risk factors and occurrence disease epidemiological studies Reference:1 Topics Biostatistics Walter Ambrosius 2007 Humana Press Inc Page 273 2742 Medical Statistics Glance Aviva Petrie Caroline Sabin Third Edition Page 843 Medical Statistics from A-Z: Guide for Clinicians and Medical Students Brian Everitt Second Edition Page .......

new test for Diabetes mellitus performed group containing diabetics and non-diab

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

new test for Diabetes mellitus performed group containing diabetics and non-diabetics 120 mg/dl blood sugar taken cut-off area shaded graph below represents:Copy image from originala True Positivesb False Positivesc True Negativesd False NegativesThe figure shows bimodal distribution blood sugar levels non-diabetic and diabetic populations two curves overlap This “border-line” group comprises mixture persons with disease and persons without disease mixture false positives and false negatives) point distributions intersect used cut-off point between non-diabetics and diabetics because will generally minimise false positives and false negatives shaded area comprises persons with negative test results but who have disease diabetes false negatives Reference:1 Preventive and Social Medicine Park 19th edition Page 118-121.......

All the following 'Reforms' have been proposed the world health report (2008), excep

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

All following 'Reforms' have been proposed world health report (2008) excepta Service Reformsb Leadership Reformsc Policy Reformsd Economic Reforms The World Health Report 2008 lists four sets PHC (Primary Health Care) Reforms necessary refocus health systems towards health for all These universal coverage reforms service delivery reforms public policy reforms and leadership reforms Economic reforms not included this report Reference:1 World Health Report 2008: Primary Health Care: Now More Than Ever World Health Organization 2008 Page xvi.......

All the following statements about 'yaws' are true, excepta. Caused Treponema paert

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

All following statements about 'yaws' true excepta Caused Treponema paertunaeb Transmitted non venerallyc Secondary yaws can involve boned Late stages yaws involve heart and nervesLate Yaws characterized destructive and deforming lesions skin periosteum and bone late cardiac and cerebral manifestations venereal syphilis often severe does not occur yaws Reference:1 Preventive and Social Medicine Park 19th edition Page 283 284.......

All the following statements regarding disposal biomedical waste are true, excepta.

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

All following statements regarding disposal biomedical waste true excepta Human Anatomical Waste disposed Yellow bagb Contents from Red bag may source contaminationc Block bags used for disposal ash from incinerationd Blue bags contents disposed secured landfillThe blue white translucent plastic bag used for sharps (needles syringes scalpels blades glass etc that may cause puncture cuts) and solid wastes such waste generated from disposable items like tubings catheters intravenous sets etc These wastes treated autoclaving/microwaving/chemical treatment and destruction/shredding wastes black bags treated disposal secured landfill Reference:1 Preventive and Social Medicine Park 19th edition Page 648 649.......

Which the following complication would result the postero superior retraction pocke

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

following complication would result postero superior retraction pocket eardrum allowed progress Tympanoscelerosisb Tertiary cholesteatomac Secondary cholesteatomad Sensori-neural hearing lossPostero superior retraction pocket ear drum allowed progress leads complications such sensorineural hearing loss facial nerve involvement and labrynthine fistula formation Other extracranial complications can occur includes labrynthitis mastoiditis petrositis and soft tissue abscess Reference:Basic Otorhinolaryngology: Step-By-Step Learning Guide Rudolf Probst Page 243.......

Which the following the indication for Type thyroplasty?a. Vocal cord medializati

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

following indication for Type thyroplasty Vocal cord medialization Vocal cord lateralizationc Vocal cord shorteningd Vocal cord lengtheningType thyroplasty form medialization laryngoplasty implant placed between thyroid cartilage and vocalis muscle medialize membranous vocal fold Reference:Otolaryngology: Basic Science and Clinical Review Thomas Van Wate Page 548.......

middle aged male comes the outer patient department (OPD) with the only complaint

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 3

middle aged male comes outer patient department (OPD) with only complaint hoarseness voice for past years has been chronic smoker for years examination reddish area mucosal irregularity overlying portion both cords was seen Management would include all except:a Cessation smokingb Bilateral cordectomy Microlaryngeal surgery for biopsyd Regular follow-upSince patient chronic smoker and there reddish irregular lesion both vocal cords may pre malignant condition best treatment here would microlaryngeal surgery and specimen should send for histopathology patient should advised quit smoking Regular follow should also done Bilateral cordectomy not even indicated early stages laryngeal malignancies Reference:Diseases Ear Nose and Throat Dhingra 4th Edition Page 286 .......

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