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Method of chromatography in which molecules that are negatively charge...

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ed on the basis of charge.Reference:1. Applications of High Performance Liquid Chromatography By Andrew Pryde, Mary T. Gilbert, Pages 50, 532. Biochemistry By Reginald Garrett, Ch

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2013-11-09 18:20:32
Method chromatography molecules that negatively charged selectively released from stationary phase into positively charged molecules mobile phase termed Affinity chromatographyb Ion Exchange chromatography Adsorbtion chromatographyd Size Exclusion chromatographyIon exchange chromatography ischromatographymolecules separated onbasischargeReference:1 ApplicationsHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography Andrew Pryde Mary Gilbert Pages 532 Biochemistry Reginald Garrett Charles Grisham Page 127
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Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

Rothera's test used for detection Proteinsb Glucosec Fatty Acidd Ketones Rothera’s test used diagnosis ketones such acetoacetic acid and acetone Betahydroxy butyric acid cannot detected this test Reference:Textbook Biochemistry Vasudevan 3rd Edition Page 440.......

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Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

following organs not involved calcium homeostasis Kidneysb Skinc Intestinesd Lungs Lungs not involved maintenance calcium homeostasis Intestines involved absorption calcium from diet Kidneys directly involved filtration reabsorption and excretion calcium and indirectly activation vitamin Skin involved indirectly calcium homeostasis source for vitamin Reference:1 Ganong's Review Medical Physiology 22nd Edition Page 3882 Textbook Medical Physiology Guyton 11th Edition Pages 980 9843 Osteoporosis: Pathophysiology and Clinical Management Eric Orwoll Michael Bliziotes 2003 Page 248.......

The prime driving force for counter current multiplier system is:a. Medullary hyperosmolar

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The prime driving force for counter current multiplier system is:a Medullary hyperosmolarityb Reabsorption Na+ thick ascending limb Action ADH via aquaporin channelsd Urea recyclingReabsorption Na+ TAL (thick ascending limb) prime driving force for countercurrent multiplier system makes medullary interstitium hyperosmolar Medullary hyperosmolarity important for urine concentration Reference:1 Principles Medical Physiology Sabyasachi Sircar 2007 Page 3822 Textbook Medical Physiology Guyton 10th Edition Pages 315-318.......

The tubuloglomerular feedback mediated by: Sensing Na+ concentration the macul

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The tubuloglomerular feedback mediated by: Sensing Na+ concentration macula densab Sensing C1+ concentration macula densac Sensing NaCl concentration macula densa Opening voltage gated Na+ channels afferent arteriole tubuloglomerular feedback mechanism ATP and adenosine form cascade signaling molecules that adjust vascular tone salt concentration macula densa Reference:Reviews Physiology Biochemistry and Pharmacology Frank Schweda Volume 161 2011 Page .......

The cell bodies orexinergic neurons are present in:a. Locus ceruleusb. Dorsal raphec.

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The cell bodies orexinergic neurons present in:a Locus ceruleusb Dorsal raphec Lateral hypothalamic area HippocampusOrexin-containing cell bodies found exclusively lateral hypothalamus (LH) perifornical area (PFA) and dorsomedial hypothalamus (DMH) while orexin-containing fibers and terminals widely distributed almost all brain regions Reference:1 Ganong's Review Medical Physiology 22nd Edition Page 2382 New Frontiers Respiratory Control: XIth Annual Oxford Conference Modeling Ikuo Homma 2010 Page 244.......

The hyperkinetic features the Huntington's disease are due the loss of:a. Nigrostria

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The hyperkinetic features Huntington's disease due loss of:a Nigrostriatal dopaminergic systemb Intrastriatal cholinergic systemc GABA-ergic and cholinergic system Intrastriatal GABA-ergic and cholinergic systemThe loss GABA-ergic pathway external pallidum releases inhibition permitting hyperkinetic features Huntington's disease develop Reference:1 Ganong's Review Medical Physiology 22nd Edition Page 2152 Textbook Medical Physiology Khurana 2006 Page 964.......

The first reflex response appear spinal shock wears off humans is:a. Tympanic ref

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The first reflex response appear spinal shock wears off humans is:a Tympanic reflexb Withdrawal reflex Neck righting reflexd Labyrinthine reflexThe first reflex response appear spinal shock wears off humans often slight contraction leg flexors and adductors response noxious stimulus (ie withdrawal reflex) some patients knee jerk reflex recovers first Reference:Ganong's Review Medical Physiology 22nd Edition Page 208 and 24th Edition Page 235.......

The maintenance posture normal adult human being depends upon:a. Integrity refl

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The maintenance posture normal adult human being depends upon:a Integrity reflex Muscle powerc Type muscle fibersd Joint movements physiological rangePostural Reflexes not only maintain body upright balanced position but also provide constant adjustments necessary maintain stable postural background for voluntary activity Reference:1 Ganong’s Review Medical Physiology 22nd Edition Page 2072 DeJong's Neurologic Examination William Wesley Campbell Russell DeJong Part 327 Issue 2005 Page 5003 Physiology Prep Manual For Undergraduates Vijaya Joshi 4th Edition 2009 Page 604.......

Parvocellular pathway, from the lateral geniculate nucleus the visual cortex carries

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

Parvocellular pathway from lateral geniculate nucleus visual cortex carries signals for detection of:a Movement depth and flickerb Color vision shape and fine details Temporal frequencyd Luminance contrastThe parvocellular pathway from layers 3-6 carries signals for color vision texture shape and fine detail Reference:1 Ganong’s Review Medical Physiology 22nd Edition Page 1612 Comprehensive Manual Ophthalmology Ahmed 2011 Page .......

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