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In India, which of the following is a rare cause of blindness among ch...

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cause blindness in children. According to the national survey on blindness conducted in the year 2001 - 2002, the most common causes of blindness are:i.    Cataractii.    Ref

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2013-11-09 18:20:32
India following cause blindness among children Malnutritionb Ophthalmia neonatorumc Glaucomad Congenital dacryocystitisAmongabove given options itvery rfor congenital dacryocystitis cause blindnesschildren According tonational survey blindness conducted inyear 2001 2002most common causesblindness are:i    Cataractii    Refractive errorsiii   Glaucomaiv   Posterior segment pathologyv   Corneal opacityThe common causesblindnesschildhood are:i    Xerophthalmia (Malnutrition)ii    Congenital cataractiii   Congenital glaucomaiv   Optic atrophy (Secondary meningitis)v   Retinopathyprematurityvi   Uncorrected refractive errorsvii  Ophthalmia neonatorumReference:1 Park’s TextbookPreventive and Social Medicine 19th Edition; Pages 363 364;2 Pediatric Ophthalmology Mukherjee; Pages 93;3 Ophthalmology Khurana; 3rd Edition; Pages 342 343;
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Patellar tendon bearing P.O.P. cast indicated the following fracture:a. Patellab.

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Patellar tendon bearing cast indicated following fracture:a Patellab Tibia Medial malleolusd FemurPatellar tendon bearing cast indicated fracture shaft tibia (closed fracture) With good alignment unites within weeks case children and – weeks adults Reference:1 Essential Orthopedics Maheswari 2nd Edition Page 1332 Rockwood and Green’s ‘Fractures Adult’ 4th Edition Page 163.......

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Lower Segment Caesarean section (LSCS) can carried out under all the following techn

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Pappu, yrs old boy, brought with sudden onset stridor and respiratory difficulty

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Pappu yrs old boy brought with sudden onset stridor and respiratory difficulty chest examination reveals decreased breath sounds and wheeze right side chest X-Ray showed opaque right hemithorax following most likely diagnosis:a Pneumothoraxb Acute epiglottitisc Massive pleural effusiond Foreign body aspiration Foreign body inhalation most common cause acute collapse with peak age incedence 1-2 years Reference:Textbook Pediatrics Agarwal 2010 Page 235.......

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