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microbiology mcqs questions

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CMV retinitis in HIV occurs when the CD4 counts fall below which of th...

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s. Majority of cases of CMV retinitis occur in patients with a CD4+ T cell count 50/micro L. Therefore, patients at high risk of CMV retinitis (CD4+ T cell count 100/micro L)

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2013-11-12 09:35:18
CMV retinitis HIV occurs CD4 counts fall below following levels 100200150 CMV Retinitis ismost common causelossvisionAIDS patients MajoritycasesCMV retinitis occurpatients with CD4+ cell count 50/micro Therefore patients high risk CMV retinitis (CD4+ cell count 100/micro should undergo ophthalmologic examination every 3–6 months CMV retinitis usually presents aspainless progressive lossvision Patients may also complainblurred vision floaters and scintillations Itusually bilateral characteristic retinal appearancepresenceperivascular hemorrhage and exudate Treatment consistsoral valacyclovir ganciclovir ganciclovir foscarnet with cidofovir alternative Ref: TextbookMicrobiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 8th Edition Page 573 Harrison’s PrinciplesInternal Medicine 18th Edition Chapter 189
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