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clinical microbiology

microbiology mcqs questions

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Bacteria can transfer genetic information through all of the follo...

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ough three methods transformation, transduction and conjugation. Methods of transfer Mechanism Nature of DNA transferred

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2013-11-16 10:18:29
Bacteria can transfer genetic information through all following methods except: Through conjugationThrough bacteriophagesThrough incorporation part host DNA taking soluble DNA fragments across their cell wall from other species Genetic information can transferred from one bacterium another through three methods transformation transduction and conjugation Methodstransfer Mechanism NatureDNA transferred Transformation TransferDNA from one bacterium another Any gene Transduction TransferDNA from one bacterium another bacteriophage Any genegeneralized transduction only selected genesspecialized transduction Conjugation TransferDNA from one bacterium another through sex pilus Chromosomal plasmid DNA Ref: TextbookMicrobiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 6th Edition Page TextbookMicrobiology and Immunology Parija Pages 54-7
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Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

Heat stable enterotoxin causing food poisoning caused all following EXCEPT: Bacillus cereusStaphylococcusYersinia enterocoliticaClostridium perfringens Clostridium perfringens produces distinct toxins including several enterotoxins Food poisoning caused enterotoxin heat labile The major toxins produced alpha beta epsilon and iota Alpha toxin phospholipase associated with gas gangrene hemolytic hot-cold variety toxin produced all perfringens but most abundantly Type shows Nagler reaction zone opacity formed there antitoxin Lecithinase also produced novyi bifermentans some vibrios initiates muscle infection that may progress gas gangrene Beta and iota toxin also have lethal and necrotizing properties Theta toxin hemolysis antigenically related streptolysin also known Perfringolysin also produces neuraminidase histamine bursting factor etc Ref: Textbook Microbiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 8th Edition Page 395 .......

Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

following statements about Prions true They infectious proteins They made bacteria and virusThey have rich nuclear materialThey can cultured cell free media Prions infectious proteins devoid any nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) Ref: Medical Microbiology Jawetz 24th Edition Page 581; Harrison’s Principles Internal Medicine 16th Edition Page 2495; Textbook Microbiology Ananthanarayan 7th Edition Page 567 .......

Virus mediated transfer host DNA from one cell another known as: Conj

Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

Virus mediated transfer host DNA from one cell another known as: ConjugationTransduction TransformationIntegration Transduction process DNA transferred from one bacterium another virus also refers the process whereby foreign DNA introduced into another cell via viral vector Transduction does not require cell-to-cell contact occurs conjugation) and DNAase resistant common tool used molecular biologists stably introduce foreign gene into host cell's genome Depending type life cycle different phage species two types transduction can occur They generalized and specialized transduction Ref: Review Medical Microbiology and Immunology 11th Edition Chapter 4;Biology Prokaryotes Lengeler Page 406; Lateral DNA Transfer: Mechanisms and Consequences Frederic Bushman Page .......

Which the following the most common pathogens responsible for nosocomial

Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

following most common pathogens responsible for nosocomial pneumonias ICU Gram positive bacteriaGram negative bacteria MycoplasmaVirus infections Most common organisms causing nosocomial pneumonia gram negative bacteria 50-70% cases reach lower airways aspiration gastric contents microaspiration upper airway secretions Most common organism pseudomonas aeruginosa followed enterobacteriacea Staphylococci aureus second gram negative bacteria and accounts for -30% Anaerobic bacteria found 10-30% cases Ref: Infectious Diseases Sherwood Gorbach 3rd Edition Page 477 .......

With reference Escherichia coli infections, the following are true, EXCEP

Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

With reference Escherichia coli infections following true EXCEPT: Enteroaggregative coli associated with Persistant diarrhoeaEnterohemorrhagic coli can cause haemolytic uraemic syndromeEnteroinvasive coli produces disease similar salmonellosis Enterotoxigenic coli common cause travelers' diarrhoea Enteroinvasive Coli shares many genetic and clinical features with Shigella not salmonella Enterotoxins produced initially induce secretory small-bowel diarrhea Subsequently colonize and invades colonic mucosa resulting development inflammatory colitis characterized fever abdominal pain tenesmus and scant stool containing mucus blood and inflammatory cells Symptoms usually self-limited (7–10 days) Ref: Harrisons Internal Medicine 18th Edition Chapter 149 .......

What the mechanism action cholera toxin the small intestine? ADP-r

Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

mechanism action cholera toxin small intestine ADP-ribosylation regulatory protein Activation guanylate cyclaseInhibition adenyl cyclaseInhibition protein synthesis Cholera toxin example A-B model toxins subunit toxin binds enterocyte receptors active toxin subunit activates adenylate cyclase intestinal epithelial cells ADP ribosylation subunit protein intestinal cells This prevents protein from being turned off and result excess production cAMP cAMP turn act second messenger activate protein kinase intern activates specific cell proteins that control secretion electrolytes Ref: Textbook Pathology Krishna Page 178; Medical Microbiology Fritz Kayse Page 298; Microbiology and immunology Monica Gandhi Page .......

Adenosine deaminase deficiency seen the following: Common variable immun

Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

Adenosine deaminase deficiency seen following: Common variable immunodeficiencySevere combined immunodeficiency Chronic granulomatous diseaseNezelof syndrome The most common cause Autosomal Recessive Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID) deficiency enzyme adenosine deaminase (ADA) Ref: Text Book Microbilogy Ananthanarayan 8th Edition Pages 146 156 158 Robbins Basic Pathology Page 235 .......

year old man presented with abdominal pain, vomiting and bloody diarrhea,

Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

year old man presented with abdominal pain vomiting and bloody diarrhea his stool sample grew Escherichia coli pure culture following serotype coli causative agent hemorrhagic colitis 157:H7 159:H7O 107:H7O 55:H7 Enterohemorrhagic coli O157:H7 serotype coli causing hemorrhagic colitis associated with ingestion undercooked hamburger sprouts unpasteurized milk juice EHEC produces shiga toxin and can cause colitis after incubation period days typically produces watery diarrhea that progress bloody diarrhea after few hours few days Fatigue abdominal pain nausea and vomiting associated complaints Mechanism enterohemorrhagic colitis appears vascular endothelial damage that leads platelet aggregation and initiation the coagulation cascade This turn leads ischemia colon and results hemorrhagic colitis Ref: Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology and Hepatology Board Review Stephen Hauser 4th Edition Page 197 .......

Which the following toxin acts inhibiting protein synthesis? Cholera toxinLT

Subject :-microbiology

Topic :- clinical microbiology

following toxin acts inhibiting protein synthesis Cholera toxinLT enterotoxigenic coliPertusis toxinShiga toxin Shiga toxin also known verotoxin was first identified major cause dysentry called Shigella dysentriae Shiga toxin contains enzymatic domain and binding domains bind globotriaosylceramide (Gb3) glycosphingolipid surface cells and complex internalized internalized shiga toxin hydrolyse ribosomes preventing further protein synthesis Shiga toxin composed two distinct peptide subunits: The first located larger subnit N-glycosidase that hydrolyzes adenine from specific sites ribosomal RNA mammalian 60s ribosomal subunit irreversibly inhibiting protein synthesis The second binding site subunit that recognizes glycolipids target cell membranes (glycolipid Ref: Toxins and Hemostasis: From Bench Bedside Manjunatha Kiri Page 642-643 Textbook Pathology Krishna Page 178 Interaction Pathogenic Bacteria with Host Cells Virginia Clark Volume 236 Page Microorganisms foods Microbiological Specifications Food Pathogens International Commission Microbiological Specifications for Food Page127.......

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