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All of the following statements about 'yaws' are true, excepta. Cause...

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eum and bone. The late cardiac and cerebral manifestations of venereal syphilis, which is often severe, does not occur in yaws.Reference:1. Preventive and Social Medicine, by K.Par

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2013-11-16 10:40:52
All following statements about 'yaws' true excepta Caused Treponema paertunaeb Transmitted non venerallyc Secondary yaws can involve boned Late stages yaws involve heart and nervesLate Yawscharacterized destructive and deforming lesionsskin periosteum and bonelate cardiac and cerebral manifestationsvenereal syphilisoften severe does not occuryawsReference:1 Preventive and Social Medicine KPark 19th edition Page 283 284
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middle aged male comes the outer patient department (OPD) with the only complaint

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Carhart’s notch audiogram represent which the following deepest frequency?a.

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Carhart’s notch audiogram represent following deepest frequency KHzb KHz KHzd KHzCarhart’s notch seen patients with otosclerosis dip bone conduction curve seen maximally KHz region disappears after successful stapedectomy Reference:1 Essential Guide Hearing and Balance Disorders Charles Limb Page Ear Nose and Throat Diseases: Pocket Reference Walter Becker 2nd Edition Page 1153 Hearing and Deafness: Introduction for Health and Education Professionals Peter Paul Page .......

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year old female patient complaints bilateral impairment hearing for past years examination tympanic membrane normal and audiogram shows bilateral conductive deafness Impedance audiometry shows normal curve and acoustic reflexes absent All following constitute part its treatment except:a Gentamicin Hearing aidc Stapedectomyd Sodium fluorideThe patient showing features otosclerosis condition due new spongy bone formation About 50% cases may have positive family history and deafness starts between age 20-30 years Non surgical treatment otosclerosis includes use hearing aid and sodium fluoride Use high doses sodium fluoride thought increase remineralization otospongotic foci has been reported stabilize progressive inner ear hearing loss and tinnitus Surgical treatment choice stapedectomy Reference:1 Otology Neurotology and Lateral Skull Base Surgery: Illustrated Handbook Oliver Adunka Chapter Ear Nose and Throat Diseases: With Head and Neck Surgery Hans Behrbohm 3rd Edition Page 81-2.......

year old boy been diagnosed have posterior superior retraction pocket cholesteotoma

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year old boy been diagnosed have posterior superior retraction pocket cholesteotoma All following would constitute part its management except:a Audiometryb Myringoplasty Tympanoplastyd Mastoid explorationMyringoplasty procedure done close central perforations patients with safe type tubotympanic type chronic suppurative ottitis media not done case cholesteatoma occur atticoantral type dangerous type CSOM Surgical treatment choice this case open mastoidectomy tympanoplasty can also done Reference:1 Medical Surgical Nursing Specialities Salins Pages 120-22 Ear Nose and Throat For Lawyers John Cherry Pages 103 114-6 .......

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treatment choice T1N0M0 glottic carcinoma Surgeryb Brachytherapyc Chemotherapyd External beam radiotherapy T1N0M0 glottic cancer tumor confined vocal cord with normal mobility without any regional lymph node involvement distant metastasis this stage treatment choice external beam radiotherapy has about 90% cure rate vocal cord mobility not impaired added benefit this procedure that voice production preserved certain cases radiotherapy refused not available excision cord endoscopic CO2 laser laryngofissure performed Reference:Diseases Ear Nose and Throat Dhingra 4th Edition Page 286.......

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