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All of the following statements about NK cells are true except:a. They...

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e they are not MHC restricted.Normal cells are inhibited from killing by NK cells, because all nucleated normal cells express self class I MHC molecules. When viral infection or ne

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2013-11-16 10:40:15
All following statements about cells true except:a They express IgG receptorsb They MHC restricted cytotoxic cells They derived from large granular cellsd They comprise about human peripheral lymphoid cells cells kill target cells with low levelsMHC class expression hence they not MHC restrictedNormal cells inhibited from killing cells because all nucleated normal cells express self class MHC molecules viral infection neoplastic transformation reducesexpressionclass molecules inhibitory signals delivered cells interrupted and lysis occursReference:Robbins Pathologic BasisDisease 6th Edition Page 191
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Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

does MHC class III genes encode Interleukin Beta microglobulinc Tumor necrosis factor Complement component MHC class III genes encodes proteins classic and alternate complement pathways (C2 and properdin factor soluble proteins tumor necrosis factors (TNF alpha beta) HSP and hydroxylase producing gene Genes coding for Class III MHC molecules located class III region chromosome between HLA locus and HLA class III molecules not histocompatibility antigens but certain soluble molecules such complement components and tissue necrosis factor Reference:Textbook Immunology Basir Pages 93-4.......

Subject :-random

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following marker used identify Memory cells RAb RBc RCd ubiquitous marker all leukocytes this detected memory/activated cells cortical thymocytes monocytes/macrophages and granulocytes Reference:Rheumatology and Immunology Therapy: Essentials Larry Moreland Page 199.......

Which the following pan-T lymphocyte marker?a. 1b. 19d.

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

following pan-T lymphocyte marker 19d Lymphocytes differentiated basis cell surface markers (CD cluster differentiation markers) using monoclonal antibodies markers CD2 and TCR found all cells and referred pan cell markers CD3 cell marker found expressed thymocytes peripheral cells and cells Reference:1 Robbins Pathologic Basis Disease 6th Edition Page 6542 Immunology Infection and Immunity Gerald Bryan Pier Page 593 Textbook Neonatal Haematology Oncology Lokeshwa Page .......

Gluten sensitive enteropathy most strongly associated with which the following?a.

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Gluten sensitive enteropathy most strongly associated with following HLA DQ2 HLA DR4c HLA DQ3d Blood group 'B'95% patients with gluten sensitive enteropathy express HLA DQ2 histocompatibility antigen chromosome celiac sprue fundamental disorder sensitivity gluten small intestinal mucosa exposed gluten there intraepithelial accumulation cytotoxic cells and helper cell lamina propria Cytokines released cells turn damage intestinal enterocytes Reference:Robbins Pathologic Basis Disease 6th Edition Page 813.......

married middle aged female gives history repeated abortions for the past years.

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

married middle aged female gives history repeated abortions for past years conceptus pre-natal karyogram given below does karyotype indicate Copy image from originala Klienfelter's syndromeb Turner's syndromec Down's syndrome Patau's syndrome karyogram presence one and chromosome indicate that conceptus was male and presence third chromosome 21st pair indicate trisomy Hence fetus was case Downs syndrome Reference:Robbins Pathologic Basis Disease 6th Edition Page 171.......

Hereditary retinoblastoma develop result which the following chromosomal deleti

Subject :-random

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Hereditary retinoblastoma develop result following chromosomal deletion 13q 13p 14c 14p 13d 14q Hereditary retinoblastomas develop from deletion gene located chromosome 13q14 Retinoblastoma gene tumor suppressor gene serves break advancement cells from phase cell cycle Reference:Robbins Pathologic Basis Disease 7th Edition Pages 287 289 1372.......

albino girl gets married normal boy. What are the chances them having affect

Subject :-random

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albino girl gets married normal boy chances them having affected child and chances having children who carriers All normalb 50% carriersc None affected all carriers 50% affected 50% carriersAlbinism autosomal recessive disorder Autosomal recessive disorders expressed only homozygous states both alleles should mutant represents normal allele represents mutant allele represents father who normal and represents mother who affected From pedigree given below all children carriers (Aa) none them affected .......

Which the following karyotype seen nineteen year old female with short stature,

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following karyotype seen nineteen year old female with short stature wide spread nipples and primary amenorrhoea XX+18b XXYc XXYd Patient described question most likely case Turner’s syndrome indicated clinical features Turner's syndrome results from complete partial loss one chromosome resulting karyotype 45X primarily characterized hypogonadism phenotypic females Reference:Robbins Pathologic Basis Disease 6th Edition Page 174-5.......

Which the following procedures used routine technique for karyotyping using lig

Subject :-random

Topic :- MOCK TEST 2

following procedures used routine technique for karyotyping using light microscopy bandingb banding bandingd stainingGiemsa stain most commonly used staining method that allow identification each individual chromosome basis distinctive and reliable pattern alternate light and dark bands along length chromosome Since giemsa stain used procedure called banding Reference:Robbins Pathologic Basis Disease 6th Edition Pages 165-6.......

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