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larynx and trachea

ENT mcqs questions

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All of the following statements about Recurrent Laryngeal Papillomatos...

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han HPV 6 mediated disease is supported by the clinical evidence. HPV 11 does demonstrate a greater probability of producing malignant changes also. Ref: International

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2013-06-04 21:44:24
All following statements about Recurrent Laryngeal Papillomatosis true except: Caused Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)HPV6 and HPV11 most commonly implicatedHPV6 more virulent than HPV11 Transmission neonate occurs through contact with mother during vaginal delivery HPV related Recurrent respiratory papillomatosismore aggressive than HPV mediated diseasesupported byclinical evidence HPV does demonstrategreater probabilityproducing malignant changes also Ref: International JournalPediatric Otorhinolaryngology Volume 2010 Issue 714
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Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

Laryngeal Pseudosulcus seen secondary to: Vocal AbuseLaryngopharyngeal Reflux TuberculosisCorticosteroid usage Laryngeal Pseudosulcus seen secondary laryngopharyngeal reflux Typical findings seen examination larynx that known suggestive laryngopharyngeal reflux include: posterior glottic hyperemia vocal cord edema isolated arytenoid hyperemia and pseudosulcus vocalis Ref: Ballenger's Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery 17th Edition Page 886 .......

Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

Topical Mitomycin used aid following treatment: Endoscopic treatment angiofibromaTreatment Laryngotracheal stenosis Skull base osteomyelitisSturge Weber syndrome Topical Mitomycin used aid treatment laryngotracheal stenosis Ref: Ear Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Dhillon 3rd Edition Page .......

Which the following the gold standard test for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux? hour

Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

following gold standard test for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux hour double probe monitoring Esophageal biopsyAbnormal esophageal radiography (BariumSwallow)Esophageal motility studies Currently Gold standard test for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux hour double probe monitoring arbitrary threshold pH=4 used diagnose reflux whether esophageal probe above lower esophageal sphincter) for gastroesophageal reflux pharyngeal probe above upper esophageal sphincter) for laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) Ref: Duodenogastroesophageal Reflux from Duodenum Trachea: 125 Robert Giuli Carmelo Scarpignato .......

five year old boy develops sudden aphonia and respiratory distress while having dinner

Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

five year old boy develops sudden aphonia and respiratory distress while having dinner following next recommended step management this patient Heimlich's manoeuvre Chest thrust manoeuvreFinger Sweep manoeuvreCricothyroidotomy Tracheostomy This boy showing symptoms airway obstruction due large bolus food immediate step taking out obstruction Heimlich's manoeuvre large bolus food obstructed above cords may make patient totally aphonic unable cry for help may die asphyxia unless immediate first aid measures taken measures consist pounding back turning patient upside down following Heimlich's manoeuvre These measures should not done patient only partially obstructed for fear causing total obstruction Ref: Textbook pediatric emergency procedures/Page 568; Blackwell's Primary Essentials: Cardiology/Page .......

What will the treatment choice for nodules present the junction anterior

Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

will treatment choice for nodules present the junction anterior 1/3 posterior 2/3 vocal cords year old female singer with history gastrooesophageal reflux MicrolaryngectomyMicrolaryngascopic surgery C02 laserSpeech therapy and Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) Direct laryngoscopy and biopsy Vocal nodules typically present junction anterior one-third and posterior two-third this area subjected maximum trauma Speech therapy and educating patient using their voice recommended prevent its recurrence patient also has gastro oesophageal reflux for proton pump inhibitors should prescribed Ref: Diseases Ear Nose and Throat Dhingra 5th Edition Page 322; Endolaryngeal surgery Bruce Benjamin Page 113-117; Current Diagnosis and Treatment Otolaryngology 2nd Edition Page 432.......

The most common and earliest manifestation carcinoma the glottis is: StridorHoars

Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

The most common and earliest manifestation carcinoma glottis is: StridorHoarseness HaemoptysisCervical lymph nodes Patients with glottis cancer cancer that grows true vocal cords often presents first with hoarseness This occurs because even slight interference with vibrating function vocal cords can produce voice changes Hence any long-standing hoarseness voice changes should prompt laryngeal examination hoarseness ignored advanced disease occurs airway obstruction pain difficulty swallowing can result Ref: Oxford Desk Reference Oncology Thankamma Ajithkumar Page .......

Which the following surgical procedure used the correction androphonia

Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

following surgical procedure used correction androphonia Type ThyroplastyType ThyroplastyType ThyroplastyType Thyroplasty Androphonia refers virilization voice females associated with lower than normal pitch and difficulty production higher tones Treatment aims raising pitch voice produced near normal quality female voice possible Elevating vocal pitch may achieved lengthening tensioning vocal folds cricothyroid approximation Lengthening tensioning procedures grouped Type Thyroplasty Ref: Neurologic Disorders Larynx Andrew Blitze 2nd Edition Page 128;Otolaryngology: Basic Science and Clinical Review Thomas Van Water Page 548; Surgery Larynx and Trachea Hans Edmund Eckel Page .......

Most radiosensitive tumour the following is: Supraglottic caCa glottis nasopharyn

Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

Most radiosensitive tumour following is: Supraglottic caCa glottis nasopharynxSubglottic Carcinoma Glottis most radiosensitive tumor among options Ref: Diseases ENT Dhingra 2nd Edition Page 306 .......

month old child presents with intermittent stridor. Most likely cause is: Laryngotr

Subject :-ENT

Topic :- larynx and trachea

month old child presents with intermittent stridor Most likely cause is: LaryngotracheobronchitisLaryngomalacia Respiratory obstructionForeign body aspiraton Intermittent stridor month old child suggests diagnosis Laryngomalacia Ref: Diseases ENT Dhingra 4th Edition Pages 267 272 .......

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