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All of the following diseases are caused by Epstein Barr virus except:...

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ryngeal carcinoma, Burkitt's lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, and B cell lymphoma (in patients with immunodeficiencies).Reference:Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 18th Edi

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2013-11-16 10:40:15
All following diseases caused Epstein Barr virus except:a Measles Hodgkins lymphomac Infectious mononucleosisd Nasopharyngeal carcinomaEpstein-Barr virus causes heterophile-positive infectious mononucleosis nasopharyngeal carcinoma Burkitt's lymphoma Hodgkin's disease andcell lymphoma (in patients with immunodeficiencies)Reference:Harrison’s PrinciplesInternal Medicine 18th Edition Chapter 181
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patient corneal scraping reveals narrow angled septate hyphae following likely etiologic agent Mucorb Candidac Aspergillus HistoplasmaAspergillus mould with narrow angled septate hyphae Asexual conidia arranged chain carried elongated cells called sterigmata borne expanded ends conidiophores Aspergillus fumigatus common cause aspergillosis Histoplasma dimorphic fungi Mucor broad nonseptate hyphae present tissues Candida characterized presence pseudohyphae Reference:Essentials Clinical Mycology Carol Kaufmann 2nd Edition Pages 248-53.......

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CMV retinitis HIV occurs CD4 counts fall below following levels 100c 200d 150CMV Retinitis most common cause loss vision AIDS patients Majority cases CMV retinitis occur patients with CD4+ cell count 50/micro Therefore patients high risk CMV retinitis (CD4+ cell count 100/micro should undergo ophthalmologic examination every 3–6 months CMV retinitis usually presents painless progressive loss vision Patients may also complain blurred vision floaters and scintillations usually bilateral characteristic retinal appearance presence perivascular hemorrhage and exudate Treatment consists oral valacyclovir ganciclovir ganciclovir foscarnet with cidofovir alternative Reference:1 Textbook Microbiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 8th Edition Page 5732 Harrison’s Principles Internal Medicine 18th Edition Chapter 189.......

Regarding HIV which the following statement not true?a. DNA retrovirus

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Regarding HIV following statement not true DNA retrovirus Contains Reverse Transcriptasec May infect host CD4 cells other than T-lymphocytesd Causes reduction host CD4 cells late stage diseaseThe genome HIV diploid composed identical single stranded positive sense RNA copies association with viral RNA reverse transcriptase enzyme characteristic feature retroviruses Pathogenesis: virus infects cell RNA viral RNA transcribed enzyme first single stranded DNA and then double stranded DNA integrated into host cell chromosome provirus initiate viral replication directing synthesis viral RNA and other components naked virus buds outs through host cell surface membrane acquires lipoprotein envelope consist lipid derived from host cell membrane and glycoprotein virus coded spikes constitute major surface component virus binds CD4 receptors susceptible host cells transmembrane pedicle cause cell fusion Reference:Ananthanarayan and Panicker’s Textbook Microbiology 8th Edition Page 395.......

The genome HIV virus contains which the following?a. Single stranded DNAb. Single

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Heat stable enterotoxin causing food poisoning caused all the following except:a.

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Heat stable enterotoxin causing food poisoning caused all following except:a Bacillus cereusb Staphylococcusc Yersinia enterocoliticad Clostridium perfringensClostridium perfringens produces distinct toxins including several enterotoxins Food poisoning caused enterotoxin heat labile The major toxins produced alpha beta epsilon and iota Alpha toxin phospholipase associated with gas gangrene hemolytic hot-cold variety toxin produced all perfringens but most abundantly Type shows Nagler reaction zone opacity formed there antitoxin Lecithinase also produced novyi bifermentans some vibrios initiates muscle infection that may progress gas gangrene Beta and iota toxin also have lethal and necrotizing properties Theta toxin hemolysis antigenically related streptolysin also known Perfringolysin also produces neuraminidase histamine bursting factor etc Reference:Textbook Microbiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 8th Edition Page 395.......

Which the following statement about Bacteroides true?a. strictly aerobicb.

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following statement about Bacteroides true strictly aerobicb can cause peritonitis gram positive bacillid Presence stool culture indicates need for treatmentBacteroides commonly responsible for abdominal infections such subphrenic abscess hepatic abscess peritonitis appendicitis and brain abscess Reference:Sherris Medical Microbiology Kenneth Ryan 5th Edition Chapter .......

All the following statements about Listeria are true except:a. gram negative bacte

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All following statements about Listeria true except:a gram negative bacteria causes abortion pregnancyc causes meningitis neonatesd transmitted contaminated milkListeria monocytogenes short coccoid gram positive catalase positive non spore forming rod with tendency occur chains They show tumbling motility degree centigrade and non motile degree The major virulence factors invasion associated surface proteins called internalin and pore-forming cytotoxin listeriolysin (LLO) Reference:1 Sherris Medical Microbiology Kenneth Ryan 5th Edition Chapter 262 Textbook Microbiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 8th Edition Page 395.......

Which the following infection transmitted through rat urine?a. Listeriab. Legionella

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following infection transmitted through rat urine Listeriab Legionellac Mycoplasmad LeptospiraHumans infected leptospires water contaminated urine carrier animals (rats dogs cattle and pigs) enters body through cuts abrasions skin through intact mucosa mouth nose conjunctiva incubation period 2–20 days Reference:1 Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2012 Chapter 342 Textbook Microbiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 8th Edition Pages 381-383.......

Which the following investigation done diagnose typhoid patient after day

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following investigation done diagnose typhoid patient after days onset fever Widal Blood culturec Stool cultured Urine cultureFollowing typhoid infection agglutinins usually appear end 1st week blood taken earlier will give negative result Antibody titers increases steadily till 3rd 4th week after declines gradually Widal test used for measurement agglutinins for typhoid and paratyphoid bacilli done after weeks onset fever titer against antigen 1:320 and against antigen 1:640 considered positive Reference:Textbook Microbiology Ananthanarayan and Panicker 8th Edition Page 296.......

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